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Psychology 11, by Caroline, Kevin, Max and Isaac

Caroline Hogg

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Gynophobia

Causes A physically or mentally traumatic experience with a woman such as sexual molestation, rejection or a humiliating situation can all create a distrust of women. The earlier this happens in a mans life the more likely this distrust can lead to a phobia, although it can also happen later in life. Being around women can control a memory of this event, and may cause the man to avoid situations with women, Gynophobia Gynophobia is defined as a morbid fear of women. Its causes and symptoms can vary widely from person to person. The phobia can stem from a social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Symptoms Cures/Treatments The symptoms range from mild to severe, sometimes with serious effects. They may be triggered when in the presence of women, or when thought to be. The list of symptoms are: Growing up with little to no contact with women
can also cause conditions where the male is not comfortable around the opposite sex. Confusion may occur around the opposite sex and a common reaction is fear to something which is unknown or poorly understood. A common method of treatment for gynophobia is psychotherapy and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which is often used as an antidepressant. It can take an extensive amount of time to treat gynophobia because it is a type of social anxiety. Conditioning a man with gynophobia can be very difficult because it involves him needing to have multiple positive experiences with a woman, which can be difficult if the phobia is severe enough. -excessive sweating
-Shortage of breath
-rapid heartbeat
-uncontrollable desire to flee
-feeling of tightness
-inability to articulate words properly Peer pressure of a sexual relationship can be another cause especially among teens and young adults. He may be mocked if he has not progressed as far with a woman as his peers and it can change his views of a relationship with a woman as more of a challenge. This can cause him to lose self-esteem causing him to try less or give up. The longer he goes without physical contact, the stronger the symptoms will become. Gynophobia can be triggered by many different factors and is a very real and difficult part of many male lives. However through treatment, males can learn to cope with their fear, and lead a normal, happy life.
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