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Hanane ElSayed

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Bio-10.1

Chapter 10 lesson 1 Meiosis Your traits are the result of proteins in your body Genes are made of DNA The proteins are made in your cells according to instructions on genes The genes are segments on chromosomes You have 46 homologous chromosomes in your cells Diploid (46)
Haploid (23) Two types of cells according to the number of chromosomes Haploid cells are formed by meiosis Two haploid cells are fertilized to form diploid cells Also known as reductive division
Forms gametes. Meiosis A. Meiosis 1:
1. Interphase
2. Prophase 1
3. Metaphase 1
4. Anaphase 1
5. Telophase 1 Steps of Meiosis B. Meiosis 2:
1. Prophase 2
2. Metaphase 2
3. Anaphase 2
4. Telophase 2 1. Two divisions
2. One DNA replication
3. Synapsis of chromosomes
4. Four haploid cells formed
5. Not identical
6. Happens in reproductive organs
7. Produces Gametes
8. Allows for genetic variation Characteristics of meiosis Crossing over
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