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The Scorch Trials

No description

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

My Opinion
Thomas is the main character in the The Maze Runner Series. In The Maze Runner, The Gladers must escape from a huge maze filled with Greivers. After escaping the maze, the Gladers find out that it was only Phase 1 of the trials, and that Phase 2 is coming. They must race across a dry and barren land, after the Scorch destroyed everything.

Thomas is a teenage boy who was a runner in the Glade. In the Maze Runner, Thomas was stung by Greivers, and a couple memories came back to him. He discovers he had some part in building WICKED and the Maze. Thomas also has a rare talent: He can speak telepathically with Teresa and Aris. After being rescued from the Maze, Thomas and the other Gladers discover tattoos on their backs given to them by researchers. Thomas' tattoo reads: To be killed by group B. In the Scorch Trials, Thomas faces becoming the real leader, betrayal, witnessing several people being killed, and having to make difficult decisions.
For my book report, I chose to do The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner. The Scorch Trials was an amazing book, and I loved every second of it! It kept me on the edge of my seat, because you never know what is going to happen. There was a lot of suspense, and adventure. I will be discussing my opinion of the book, the plot, and the characters.
Minho and Newt
Minho was the keeper of the runners in the Maze Runner. He has olive skin, with dark hair and a strong build. His tattoo says that he was intended by the researchers to be the leader in the Scorch Trials. Minho is rude and aggressive, which gets him into trouble a lot. He is best friends with Newt and Thomas.
Brenda and Jorge
The Gladers meet Jorge in the Scorch Trials. He helps them by feeding them, and helps them get across the Scorch to the safe haven. He is the leader of the cranks that live in the rundown town in the dessert. Jorge sometimes appears dangerous, but is also nice and humorous. He is close to Brenda.
Plot Summary
I personally loved the Scorch Trials. It was an amazing book that always had me wondering what was going to happen next. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and suspense. Mainly people age 10 and up, because there were a couple frightening and sad parts here and there! The book was very well written and thought out, the author slowly revealed pieces of the puzzle one by one, and by the end of the book everything made sense. I always wanted to keep reading to see what happened!

The characters were very well though out and portrayed well through there actions and thoughts. I could imagine everything as I read it. The setting was very believable. The book took place on Earth, probably somewhere in the future. After earth had been scorched by incredibly strong sun rays, scientists and researchers sent 2 groups of teenagers to try and get through the different trials. These trials helped to develop patterns for an experiment to save the human race.

The characters were very well thought out and described. I could imagine what each person might be going through. The plot was very unrealistic, something like that will probably never happen in our modern world today. Some parts were very fictional. Living balls of goop, clear force fields that disappear at a moments notice, fighting lunatic Cranks in the dark, and all sorts of weird stuff. But as I read the book knowing who was behind all of it, it was easier to believe that it was actually possible because I knew who we were dealing with.
Teresa and Aris
Aris is a boy who helped to build WICKED. He spent his first Trial with group B. His best friend Rachel was killed in the First Phase. He can speak telepathically with Teresa and Thomas. His tattoo says that he is 'The Partner.'
The Scorch Trials
Newt is a british boy with long blond hair and a slight limp. He takes over as leader in the first trial after the former leader, Alby was killed by Greivers. He is Thomas and Minho's best friend. In the Scorch Trials, his tattoo says that he is 'The Glue.'
Teresa was Thomas' best friend before the Maze, she can speak telepathically with Thomas and Aris. In the Scorch Trials, she spends most of the time with group B, whom she becomes the leader of. In Phase 2, she is often under the control of WICKED, which makes it hard for Thomas to trust her. For another variable in the Scorch Trials, Teresa goes to great lengths to make Thomas feel betrayed, so that WICKED will let him live. Thomas hates her afterward, because what she did was so brutal and awful. The tattoos on her neck designate her as 'The Betrayer.'
Brenda is a crank girl from Canada who has caught the flare. Later in the book it reveals she is actually immune to the Flare. She helps Thomas and the Gladers get through the Scorch to the Safe Haven. She befriends Thomas after the two are separated from the Gladers and Jorge underground. She helps Thomas survive the attacks of insane Cranks in the Underground, and helps get Thomas to the other side of the city to the Safe Haven. She is close to Jorge.
Thomas wakes up in what seems like a nightmare. The other Gladers are running around screaming about the Cranks outside their window, and they find the dead bodies of their rescuers hanging from the ceiling. They enter Teresa's room, and instead they find Aris from Group B, even though there is a plaque outside the door that says "Teresa Agnes." An alarm goes off and the door locks. When it stops, the plaque says Aris' name instead and the hanging bodies are gone.

They find a man sitting at a desk behind an invisible forcefield. He tells them to make their way across the Scorch to the Safe Haven. Also, that they have all caught the Flare, and will recieve a cure when they make it to their destination. After he leaves, the boys discover tattoos on their necks. Thomas' says 'To be killed by Group B.'

The Gladers enter a FlatTrans where it exports them to an underground tunnel. They wander around for a couple hours. Two boys are killed by steel balls that come falling from the ceiling. They finally make it to a staircase that leads them to the Scorch. The Gladers wander around the Scorch for a while, and spot a city not far off. After traveling for a couple days they see Teresa exit a building not far off. Thomas goes to investigate. Teresa is crying, telling him to get away from her. She kisses him and tells him and the Gladers to get as far away as possible.
The Scorch Trials
Gladers: The group of boys that were sent to the Maze to try and survive together and find a way out. The surviving ones went on to Phase 2: The Scorch Trials. The Gladers have been through a lot together.

Cranks: People who are infected with the Flare. They go through different stages, eventually losing their mind.

Group B: A group of girls that were sent to the Maze and the Scorch also. WICKED did the exact same things to Group B as the Gladers.

WICKED: World In Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department. The scientists and researchers behind the Phases.
Page 1

They dance and act like they are having fun, until they drink something offered to them by the strangers and start to feel dizzy. Thomas wakes up in a dark room with the 3 strangers. They are about to kill them when Minho and the others save them. One of them shoots Thomas in the shoulder with a rusty bullet giving him an infection. WICKED sends a Berg to save him. They take him away, and bring him back to the Gladers, when the wound is healed.
As they walk, Teresa motions for him to follow her. It is late, and she leads him up the mountain to a grove of trees. Aris appears behind Thomas. Teresa leads him into a cave with a glowing green door. Teresa tells him a fake story about her and Aris and leads him into the chamber with the glowing door. He is dragged into the chamber and a gas releases. He passes out, feeling extremely betrayed and sick. After a while, Thomas wakes up in the chamber, and the doors open. Teresa is there, crying. She rushes into the chamber and is apologizing to Thomas. He feels betrayed and does not trust her. Thomas, Teresa and Aris run to catch up with the other group. Along the way, Teresa tells Thomas that WICKED made her do what she did, and if she didn't they would kill Thomas.
They catch up to the other group and make it to the safe haven which is nothing but a stick that says 'Safe Haven.' All of the sudden, structures rise up out of the ground and surround the group. Huge monsters crawl out, with bulbs all over their skin. Thomas figures out that they need only pop all the light bulbs on the body to kill the monster. A huge Berg appears to pick up the group. They are fed and bathed, and Thomas falls asleep. He wakes up in a padded white-walled room. Teresa is telepathically speaking to him, telling him that WICKED is good. His telepathy connection shuts out for good and Thomas is left alone.
The Gladers keep walking and soon have made it to the base of a mountain. Teresa and Group B start walking toward them, with weapons. They force Thomas to go with them. They drag him up the mountain in a bag to their base. Teresa seems extremely mad at him. Teresa plans to kill him, but Thomas persuades the other girls in the group to spare him.
Thomas and the other Gladers keep walking toward the city. Along the way a huge lightning storm hits. The storm kills 7 boys but they keep going. Finally they make it to the closest building, just as the rain starts. In the morning they meet Jorge, who rules over the Cranks. Jorge is not very happy to find them, but Thomas negotiates a deal to help get the Gladers across the Scorch. Thomas meets Brenda. Jorge and Brenda take the Gladers to the Underground to eat.
Book Report By Joan Herget
A roof collapses on top of the group, separating Brenda and Thomas from the others. They wander in darkness fighting insane Cranks, and finally make it to the top.Thomas and Brenda settle in a cab, and fall asleep. Thomas wakes up early, and sees "Thomas, you're the real hero" imprinted on a brick. He and Brenda are forced to go to a club by a 3 strangers with a guns.
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