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Jordan Levene

Mrs. Waggoner

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Mummification

Mummification Jordan Levene Egyptians all believed in invisible creatures, one The Ba, another, The Ka. The Ba is a bird with the dead's head. The Ba would come to visit it's person each night in their tombs after they died. The Ka was the invisible twin of the dead. It would
follow them around, Egyptians felt it was important to always have someone with you. When The Ka's human died, it did too. The Ka is the invisible
twin of the human. It followed
the human around when it was
living and it dies when it's twin
dies. Egyptians felt you
always needed someone
there to protect you. So they have
twins there, and it never leaves. The Ba is a
bird with a
human head.
Everyone has their
own special Ba.
From inside their tombs
there is a straight up hall
for the Ba to come visit
each night. The Egyptians wanted one wish
more than anything, and that was
to live in the Afterlife. So they had
a process of going to that special place
called mummification. It is the process
of taking the dead into the Afterlife. The first thing they did was cut a small whole
on the left side of the abdomen to take out the lungs,
the liver, and all the vital organs. They were taken out by hand, until they used gloves. They left the heart in
place because they thought it was needed in the Afterlife. Then all the vital organs were placed in something called a canopic jar. They were normally decorated with the different types of gods head. The Egyptians believed in many gods, but there were four main ones, and there was always four canopic jars, one for each gods head. Then they took out the brain, they made a small whole
just inside of the nose so they could put a small tube up the hole and liquify the brain. Then it would drain out the tube. Most canopic jars were stone. A lot of
them were decorated, the more decorative
they were means they were really
important like pharaohs, officials, and
maybe even scribes. They were normally
carved by artisans. There is such detail
because only certain artisans got this job. This man is putting on someones line
paper. In the corner there are four
canopic jars. He has already taken out
the organs. He must have been a very
special person, because he has very
decorative canopic jars. Then they sprinkle natron
a powdery mix of salt and carbonate
that empties all body tissue out. Then they skin the body, dry it, and wrap it in
many layers of thin paper. Then they layed the
persons treasures that they thought they needed
in the Afterlife to bring with, you could also bring
animals to the Afterlife if they were mummified.
Finally they were placed in a highly decorated
sarcophagus, most of the time they had seven
layers of sarcophagus's around them, one fit them
then they would place that one inside a larger one
many times. *When the ceremony finally did come, they paid woman and children to weep for the important people. For slaves only the family came to ceremonies. Sometimes they didn't even have ceremonies for slaves. Mummification Egyptian death beliefs Long Process / \ / \ Finishing Process FUN FACTS! *It took 70 days to complete the whole mummification
procedure. By: Jordan Levene Mummification! Okay, that's a wrap! *it's impossible for a mummy to come back to life. This person is having the ceremony
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