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Alyssa Cipolla

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of BrainPop

BrainPOP in the Classroom
BrainPOP is a new tool to me and I have not yet had the opportunity to use it with my own students. However, I am very interested in incorporating it into my classroom. As a special educator, I am always looking to modify the curriculum so that is best meets the need of my students. BrainPOP chunks important information into an engaging and fun 5 minute movie. Additional to each movie are related resources including quizzes with comprehension questions.
Informal Assessment
One way I would like to use BrainPOP is as an informal assessment. After having the students view the movie, I would put the questions on the SMART Board and have students take turns reading aloud. Each student would be given a set of Response Cards symbolizing the answer choices. This is a routine in my classroom. After the students make their choices I say "cards up" and the students show me their choices. It gives the teacher a quick informal assessment of what the students learned from the video.
Differentiating Instruction
Giving Students Choice
Another way I would like to utilize BrainPOP is by having students work individually on videos and related assignments. There are so many videos to choose from, especially for social studies. I would like to assign videos for review and allow students to choose from a list of movies that I approve. As an inclusion teacher I have a support class (12:1) that I teach called Skills. In this class I provide the necessary support to all of the inclusion students on my team (approximately 48) in the content area of social studies. The 4 content skills teachers rotate Monday to Thursday teaching a review lesson to each group of 12 students. BrainPOP would be a great tool to use to review important content with my students.
Thank you!
What is BrainPOP?
BrainPOP is an educational website with over 1,000 animated movies for students ages 6-17. Each educational video includes related materials such as quizzes, concept mapping, primary source activities, and review practice. Subject areas covered include science, social studies, English, mathematics, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music. BrainPOP is a versatile educational tool that can be used in a traditional, blended, or "flipped" setting.
How could BrainPOP be utilized in your curriculum area?
Technology Share & Show:

Alyssa Cipolla
Tracking Student Progress
On classroom wall as a reference
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