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Ambitious Student Seeks Valuable Internship: Will You Mentor Me? LOEX 2011

library, librarian, mentoring, mentor, intern, internship, University of Dubuque, Indiana University, Instruction, Public Services, Cara B. Stone, Anne Marie Gruber, Charles C. Myers, Herman B. Wells, professional development, LIS education, academic

Cara Stone

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Ambitious Student Seeks Valuable Internship: Will You Mentor Me? LOEX 2011

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Will You Mentor Me? Cara B. Stone
cabstone@indiana.edu LOEX Conference
May 6, 2011
Fort Worth, TX Indiana University School of Library
and Information Science Discussion/Questions? Cara B. Stone

Anne Marie Gruber
amgruber@dbq.edu Images Used: Works Consulted: “Bob Greene and Oprah Winfrey.” (2009). www.healthhabits.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/bob-greene-and-oprah-winfrey.jpg

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“Young couple sharing a soda, America, 1940s.” (2007). http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/3664467/Creators-destroyers-consumers.html http://bit.ly/LOEXMentoring2011 Anne Marie Gruber
amgruber@dbq.edu University of Dubuque As you are filtering in, please write:
your name
a positive mentoring experience you have had (formal or informal)
three things that helped it be a successful relationship. Ambitious Student Seeks Valuable Internship:
Will You Mentor Me? Setting up the Successful Internship
Making sure it is the right place, right person, right time. Overcoming Challenges: Topics to be discussed:
Taking time in your relati-
onships, when/how to
give feedback, communi-
cation, real-
istic expect-
ations, &
keeping it
special. Share with your mentors how much they mean
to you! for new instruction librarians and student assistants. Do you have any advice? -Looking for an Omniscient EXpert

Dear LOEX,
Formal mentoring usually pairs an experienced mentor with a newbie. Supervisors probably already informally mentor without realizing it. Those hallway chats you have about how your last class went, that’s peer mentoring! Check with your state or national library association or campus to see if a mentoring program already exists. Don’t forget, you can use technology to communicate—It doesn’t all have to be in person!
Happy mentoring!
Dewey Mentorship in Action Orientation/job shadowing
Realistic work environment
Professional relationships NS, ND, ambitious student seeks like-minded mentor, WTR, housing a plus. I am a librarian at Info Lit University (ILU) interested in
incorporating mentoring Your first date went well and she gave you her REAL phone number. What comes next?

Choosing the right setting is important. Find an activity that suits you both.

Don't forget to check your wallet before you head out the door.

Ask questions that will help you get to know each other.

Reading social cues, will there be a third date?
Full transcript