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Genocide Cambodia

Social Studies 10-1

Jimmy Tool

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Genocide Cambodia

20th Century Genocide Cambodia
The term genocide is referring to a mass extermination of killing people of a ethnic or national group.
(Political, Economical, Social) What is Genocide? Who was affected? → Other countries then Cambodia that where affected are:
United States
New Zealand
And Australians

lol w Civilians had an estimated that death was well over two million, from starvation, deseise, and exhaustion. Teachers, lawyers, doctors, and police were also murdered because they were seen as a threat to the government because they had the knowledge to stop the genocide. Because all the medical forces were murdered there was no medical support for people who were sick and had deadly deseises. Leading to more death among Cambodians. Tia's Pledge:
I Pledge to try and find solutions to help the countries who are affected by war. What is the historical background of the country? People? - Average population 13.4 million
- Religions: Theravada Buddhism, Islam, Christian
- Languages: English, French, Khmer
- Government: Democracy a constitonal monarchy

When did the genocide happen? The genocide of cambodia happend the year 1975-1979
the Cambodia population dropped 21% with approximately 1.7 million dead in the genocide. 1975 Khmers rouge army invaded the Cambodia Capital (Phnom Penh) Khmer rouge entered the city which was the start of the of the genocide. Millions of Cambodians were slaughtered. Cambodians died of overwork, starvation, torture and execution. There was no transition period for the people. Overnight, the entire population in the country became farmers. cff e "Hey Pol, I've got an idea, man. Let's turn the country upside down and get real primitive. Evacuate all the cities, march everyone out to the country. And then start farming, man! Big time. And if anyone resists, let's execute them. In fact, let's kill a whole lot of people. I'm talking hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions. And do it real cruel-like. Bash their heads against trees, electrocute 'em, drown 'em in vats of cold water..."
http://www.ppu.org.uk/genocide/g_cambodia.html Why did this genocide happen? ↓ ↓ ↓ The genocide of Cambodia happend because Under Pol Pot's leaders of the Genocide.The Cambodian genocie all occured within days overthroughing the government. With short notice and threat of death towns and cities where forced by the Pol Pot leaders. The children and disabled that refused to leave their homes where killed if they did not obey the orders.
Khmer slogan ran 'To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss.' Khmer Rouge, also targets minority groups to the genocide, this included the Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. Other nations where affected and half the Chan Muslim populations where murdered with over 8,000 Christians murdered. Civil rights and Political rights where taken away form the people, Music and Radio where banned as same with wearing glasses aswell as laughing and even crying. What could have been going through the minds of the Khmer Rouge officers and their leader Pol Pot?
Phil's Pledge:
I pledge to donate money to global disasters

Tia's Pledge:
I Pledge to try and find solutions to help the countries who are affected by war. → → → →
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