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Woodman Hollow State Preserve

No description

jacinta treft

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Woodman Hollow State Preserve

By: Jacinta Treft Woodman Hollow State Preserve History History The preserve has made an impact because without
it we would not be able to see all the scenery. The preserve is in Webster county
7 miles southeast from Fort Dodge The preserve has a lot of rocks made up of sandstone, limestone and dolostones. There are a lot of rocks and little cliffs there
and valleys, it was all formed by erosion. Later the state decided to stop the
development of the park and leave it in its
natural condition. The preserve is a satellite area of Dolliver Memorial State Park that is 2 miles south of the preserve. Where it is... . The older maps reference it as a State park. The reason it is called the Woodman Hollow State Preserve is because the Woodman family bought the land. In 1927 the State bought the land and it
was supposed to be a state park. In the 1930s the Civilian Conservation
Corps added to it a little, like an access
road, a latrines, trails and a bridge. In August 12, 1970 the State officially made it a state preserve. The small creek that is in the preserve empties into
the Des Moines River. There are over 500 species of plants. The preserve has hills that exceed 100ft. high by the
creek. You can't hunt or camp there. The preserve is 63.6 acres. . Des Moines
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