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The Road to Winning More Work!

No description

Dennis Davis

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of The Road to Winning More Work!

The Road to Winning More Work!
Starts with an effective Proposal
What are our client's ISSUES?
* We must get to know our clients before the RFQ hits the streets!
* What are our client's top three issues associated with the RFQ?
* The entire team should know that and be able to weave that into all parts of our proposal.
Our Typical Proposal is:
Ask questions.
We must focus on our:
In Preparing a Proposal Remember
Our winning strategy is telling a STORY about how we will solve our client's problems so that they will live happily ever after
We need to tell
What are our FEATURES
How Does Jones Edmunds Distinguish Ourselves from Everyone Else?
What are the BENEFITS of using Jones Edmunds?
What PROOF do we have to offer?
Better Looking Proposals
The Story
F = Features
P = Proofs
Proofs - Evidence that our Benefits are True!
Features - The tangible things that we have that can solve our client's Issues.
Find Out:
* The Client's Hottest Hot Button?
* Challenges? Roadblocks?
* Goals and Aspirations?
* Fears? What Causes Sleepless Nights?
When Preparing a Proposal
I = Issues
Issues - The Client's essential challenge or problem.
B = Benefits
Benefits - Why our Features are so Important to our Clients.
Client's Issues + Our Features = Benefit for Client
Follow the Rule of 1/3's
* 1/3 Words
* 1/3 Images
* 1/3 White Space
Tell Your Story By:
* Using
* Using Headings
* Using Text Boxes
* Using Inserts
Make the Proposal Easy to Read
* Never More Than 2 - 3 Paragraphs without a Heading
* No Full Pages of Text
Use the Cover Letter Test
* How many sentences start with we, us, our, or company name or are about us?
* In how many sentences could we replace our name with a competitors name?
Use IFBP in EVERY Section of the RFQ
What is I.F.B.P.?
Let's start with a question:

What Differentiates Us From our Competition?
The Answer:
1. Understand your client's problems better than anyone else.
2. Come up with better solutions than anyone else.
3. Communicate the benefits of these solutions to you client.
4. Prove that your solutions will really solve their problems.
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