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State, Space and Power: An Overview of Geopolitics

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Jamie Allinson

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of State, Space and Power: An Overview of Geopolitics

State, Space and Power: An Overview of Geopolitics
About the course
A broad topic, with different lecturers
2,500 word essay
30th of April

Weekly learning portfolio

Week 8 Seminar
Poster defence 1st of March
About the Poster and Defence
A3 or bigger
Pick one of seminar
Poster session in
seminar week 8
Assessed on content
800 words
Explain your poster
Due 1st of March
What is geopolitics?
Geopolitics usually seen as :
Shorthand for International Relations
or 'Grand Strategy
Invariant factors that give states power
E.g., size of state, natural resources, defensibility of borders
The "reality' with which Realism deals: e.g. John Mearsheimer and US offshore balancing
A different way of looking at it
Putting the 'Geo' back into Geopolitics
What is space?
What is a place?
Long distinction between abstract, universal 'space' and local, experienced 'place'
So Geopolitics is also about the politics of
space, and the space of politics
The way ideas about spaces and places are linked to
The way resources and flows make space
and place
Different kinds of spaces: land, sea, air, cyberspace...
Outline of the Course
Introducing Geography and International Relations: Classical Geopolitics
Recasting Political Geography: Critical Geopolitics
Cold War Geopolitics
Geopolitics of the ‘War on Terror’
Geopolitics of the Environment
Materialist Geopolitics
Geopolitics and the making and unmaking of the Middle East
Geopolitics of Asia: The Maritime Dimension
Future Spaces, future conflicts: cyber-space, networks and post-human warfare
(Social) space is a (social) product [...] the space thus produced also serves as a tool of thought and of action [...] in addition to being a means of production it is also a means of control, and hence of domination, of power." Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space, 1991
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