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JOMC 490 Final Project

Blair Warren

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of UNCSeniors2011

UNCSeniors2011 Blair Warren
Ann Nguyen Autumn Clark Joseph Royall Anne Kreuser Alexandra Ellis Our Mission: Jump start the senior class goals, enthusiasm and support for 2011 before summer break Gain support for Liz Deane and Justin Tyler's campaign Revolutionize the communication resources
between student body and senior officers Create interactive, viral communication to integrate the senior class Step away from the annoying emails... embrace a more interesting communication resource

Continue their "Back Yo Class Up" theme- very light-hearted and fun- great success early during campaign run Our Social Media Approach Create Twitter account Re-Vamp Facebook

Add more interactive links:
Grooveshark: Music playlist
Photo uploads from student body
Event posting/updates
Discussion boards (bucket list, etc)
YouTube link
FlickR link
JOMC490 Final Project Channel

Continue campaign video postings
Two-way communication Our Pub Projects. Logo Creation Clef Hangers Audition Clef Hangers vs. Liz Deane Rap-Off:
Our biggest set-back. A-Frame in the Pit The Facts: Analyzing our Success. Future Planning. A creative, responsive way to engage the rising seniors
Tweeted about the contest of creating the logo
Journalism student's logo appealed most to Liz and Justin
Once we had the logo, we wanted to an innovative way to get the word out
Posted fliers, had the Union print out an A-frame for us with the logo
Contest: find the logo and take a picture with it- individual with most pictures wins $30 iTunes gift card
Wanted to BRAND the senior class- see the logo, know the reference Met with Student Union employees, asking how we could publicize through their services
Must get the sign approved, they printed our flyer and posted for 5 days
Great service for future projects
Probably the best way to target ALL UNC students- high traffic area
Wait, Why the senior class? The initial meeting. Liz & Justin:
VERY excited
Eager to utilize different types of media to interest peers
Video content
Did not use Twitter, did not understand the benefits/potential
blogging. video posts. fact of the day. calendar with social events/dates. Twitter updates. more interactive. more links to other resources.
Graduation advice
Job openings
Tar Heel Blue link, etc 216 Followers.
1,129 Fans. consolidated information Alternative to e-mail Continue to use Facebook & Twiter to pub events
Use YouTube to maintain fun image
Hold scavenger hunts to give away tickets Use Flavors page as an aggregator Strategic Communication:
Google Wave Back Yo Class Up Giving Liz & Justin the reigns and maintaining communication Questions? Momentum.
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