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Case study - Phineas Gage

No description

Elina Takala

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Case study - Phineas Gage

Case study - Phineas Gage
informed consent?
cultural bias of researchers
he was a male (quite calm in the situation)
no techonoogy, biased methods
Case study on how brain damage affects behavior
Doctor John Harlow studied Phineas Gage in 1848
Phineas suffered an accident when he was 25, in which a metal rod went through his head -> damage in frontal lobes -> behavioral changes
Why is it a case study?
In-depth study of a individual
Study can't be replicated ethically
It is difficult to generalize from this study
no theoretical generalization
no representational generalization
but maybe inferential generalisation
Other issues

doctor's report

picture of Phineas Gage
Observation (Harlow, for several weeks
Interviews (his colleges)
Later on data has been regarded untrustwothy and vague
was used to some extent

no technology available
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