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Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. The Goonies. Jake Christensen

Jake Christensen

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey

Jake Christensen
Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey
The Ordinary World
A hero's adventure begins when he receives a call or prompt to action in some way. This ultimately disrupts his everyday life and changes it for the better, or worse. Upon discovering the treasure maps in their attic, Mikey decides the only way to find out if this rumor is real is to search for the treasure themselves. Not only would it make them famous, but maybe the hidden treasure could be sold to keep their home. The group sets off in search for the first clue on the map. Bringing them to an abandoned restaurant, they discover a family of criminals hiding out in the basement. Upon evading the family inside, they set off on their journey underneath the city.
The Call to Adventure
Although the hero at first may be eager to accept his quest, he will have to overcome fears and questions that he might have that could affect his life negatively. These responses help the viewer bond with the reluctant hero. After discovering the criminal family the Fratellis, Mikey rethinks his decision to pursue the treasure fearing their lives as well as getting in trouble or caught by the Fratellis'. As they contemplate whether or not to continue on, Mikey sends Chunks to run for the police station. This proves to be a bad idea and Chunks is kidnapped by two of the Fratellis brothers. Mikey decides he has come to far and this is the only way for him to possibly save his families home.
Refusal of the Call
Meeting with Mentor
Crossing of the Threshold
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
The Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth
The Reward, Seizing the Sword
The Road Back
The Resurrection
Return with Elixir
Joseph Campbell's criteria for the Ordinary World, is where the hero, unbeknown to his future adventures, lives his everyday normal life. This anchors a human for the viewers to relate and empathize with. In the movie The Goonies, a group of friends get together for one last weekend, before main character Mikey Walshes' family may be forced to move due to foreclosure. The crew of friends consist of Mikey and his older brother Brand. A nerd named Data, Mouth, and Chunk the klutz. These rather unusual group of kids hangout at the Walshes' and cause mayhem everyday. Life is normal for these 5 kids, that is until one day they discover treasure maps and news articles of a mysterious pirate named "One-Eyed Willey."
This is a crucial point in the hero's journey. Whether he needs guidance, insight, or an important item, this mentor gives him the courage he needs to continue on. Upon getting kidnapped by the Fratellis, Chunks is chained up next to the Fratellis youngest brother, a deformed man named Sloth. Sloth and Chunks soon escape and help the rest of the friends through the maze below the ground. Sloth, as well as the rest of the friends, act as mentors to Mikey, guiding and helping him through the booby traps and giving him the confidence he needs to be able to finish out their task.
The hero now is ready to willingly go and accept his challenge and whatever faces him ahead. As he crosses the threshold out of his comfort zone and into a environment he is not yet comfortable with. After sneaking into the basement of the restaurant, Mikey realizes he is stuck down there with the Fratellis now after him. He is forced to continue into the unknown and hope for the best. He become a leader and the one for everyone to rely on. Busting through booby traps and solving riddles on the map. He is slowly but surely transforming in the hero Joseph Campbell said he would.
Now finally out of his comfort zone the Hero is confronted with an even more difficult series of test that challenge him in a variety of ways. Obstacles are thrown across his path and the hero must overcome each challenge he is presented with on the journey towards his ultimate goal. This stage helps us gain a deeper insight into the character. As Mickey and his group of friends venture on through the underground caves, they are faced with several challenges. One being the Fratellis family, quickly closing in behind them. "One-Eyed Willey's" booby traps trick and mislead the friends to several dead ends and tricky obstacles giving the Fratellies time to catch up. The Fratellies discover the friends plan after capturing Chunk. The criminals objective is to catch the friends and take over the treasure for themselves. The friends are skeptical at first when meeting up with Sloth, afraid that he will turn against them and help out his family. They battle through controversy, the struggle for power, and the race to the end. The group of friends all bond so close together and know that each of them can depend on each other for whatever they need.
Malfoys: Evil Family
Squad Goals
The approach in a story, is where the hero is faced with an obstacle he has yet to encounter. The obstacle can be physical, emotional, or psychological. As the audience awaits the final decision of the hero, the magnification and anticipation of the ordeal continually rise. The group of friends, now called the Goonies, are faced with their back literlly on the wall with the Fratellies closing in. Data discovers a hidden shoot in the group which can either lead them all to their death, or to the final treasure. As the Fratellies move in closer, Mikey makes the decision to jump down the shoot at the very last minute, spitting them out right next to One Eyed Willeys ship.
The supreme ordeal is a challenge faced by the hero in which a dangerous test must be faced for the hero and his group to persist. Only through some sort of death must the character be reborn with new talents and a greater sense of leadership. Before jumping through the shoot, Mikey is faced with the challenge of sending his group down the unknown shoot or keeping them alive and facing the Fratellis. With gun shots firing and several injured members, Micky has to make a decision right then and there to save their lives or risk them down the shoot. Fortunately, he makes the right call by jumping down the shoot and into safety. Mickey is left with a boost of confidence and the joy of finally making it to his destination.
After defeating the enemy, surviving death, and overcoming his greatest challenge, the hero is reborn and transformed into a new state. He is given a reward is the form of confidence or treasure like in this show. After falling through the shoot. The Goonies are presented at the mouth of the ship, with all the gold and booty that they could ever dream of. The journey they have set out on has been accomplished.
Now with the reward in hand, the roles are reversed and the hero must now return to to ordinary life. But now the anticipation of the adventure is replaced with a lingering danger following right behind them. The hero is not done yet and must commit to the final leg of his journey. While sorting through the gold and jewelry, the Fratellis come screaming down the shoot. Just when they though they were home free, their lingering danger arises once again. The Goonies must evade the capture of the Fratellis and return home with the riches of the ship. This isnt easy for them because all the criminals want is the booty, and will do anything they need to get it.
This is the climax, in which the hero must come closest with death and the enemy. The fight represents something far greater that the existence of the hero and the journey. If he defeats the enemy, the hero is reborn and cleansed. Upon coming face to face with the Fratellis once again, they are captured and have no where to go. Forcing them to empty their pockets of all the gold, they threaten to kill them all on the spot. That is when Mikeys new found ally, Sloth, comes into play. He knocks out his brother and helps the Goonies escape. Running through the water and to the only open hole they see, Sloth picks up a bolder letting everyone out but himself and the Fratellis, another heros sacrifice.
This is the final stage where the hero returns to his ordinary home, a changed man. His final reward, literal or metaphoric, is worth celebrating as he has finally finished his historic journey. Upon escaping from the underground tunnels, the Goonies return to the beach to find their families and police to greet them. They have finally finished their journey and are safe and sound. The Fratellies are captured and put in prison, and the Walsh family gets to keep their home. All goes well in the end for the hero Mikey and his group of friends "The Goonies."
Bilbo accepting his journey
Mikey Walsh: The Hero
One-Eyed Willys booty
Ending scene of Goonies
Thor vs Loki: Family battle like Sloth vs rest of family
Historical Hero
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