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Introduction to Narrative Essays

No description

Colin Sim

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Introduction to Narrative Essays

narrative text telling a story. Characters Setting Plot what happens? who does it happen to? where does it happen? Main Characters Supporting Characters e.g.
The Nurse
Friar Laurence
Lord Capulet
Count Paris
etc. the reader does not know anything! complication/trigger suspense/excitement - background information
- introduce setting (place)
- introduce characters - preparation for the climax.
- what leads up to the main problem/conflict?
- what do the characters do? - what happens when the conflict reaches a high point?
- how do the characters react?
- this is the point of highest TENSION
- are there any obstacles?
- what are the emotions/feelings involved? conflict! solve the problem - what is done to solve the problem?
- is it successful?
- what are the consequences?
- is the problem fully resolved? in the end... - what is the final outcome?
- how do the characters feel about it?
- is there a twist? Introduction rising action climax falling action resolution One man band Conflict - a struggle or contest between two people of opposing interest.
- conflict can happen between people or with situations.
- conflict will increase and needs to be resolved. conflict conflict! setting characters? 20 minutes Summary Next lesson:
1. Present your narrative story.
2. Plan an individual essay.
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