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The Resistance:

*Resistance Movements- a GROUP or collection of individual groups, dedicated to fighting an INVADER in an OCCUPIED country or the government of a sovereign nation through the use of PHYSICAL force or NON-VIOLENCE. *Victims- Mainly JEWS, but the GERMAN Na

Candice Ring

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Resistance:

Double click anywhere & add an idea WWII
Resistance: Resistance movement- A GROUP or collection of individuals, dedicated to fighting an INVADER in an OCCUPIED country or the government of a sovereign nation through the use of PHYSICAL force of NON-VIOLENCE.

Victims- Mailnly JEWS, but the GERMAN Nazi also persecuted and killed MILLIONS of members of other groups they considered inferior, _______ or undesirable Extra Info

On August 2, ________ hundred jews torched parts of terblinka death camp. Two weeks later, Jewish Paramilitary organizations within the bialystok ghetto attacked the GERMAN army. The revolt ended the same day with the DEATH or capture of all the resisters.

Later on September 1st, inhabitants of the _________ ghetto revolted. Most of the participates were _______ but some managed to _______ and join _______ units. Art Resistance:

CONCENTRATION camp prisoners refused to allow theit CREATIVITYto be stifled and destroyed.
Through POETRY and AR, they affirmed their own existence and documented the horrors they feared might be FORGOTTEN. German Resistance:

MILITARY man, pastors, DIPLOMATS, jurist and POLITICAL leaders of different persuasions united in the CONVICTION the Nazi rule must END.
From all strta of SOCIETY, GERMANS of conscience and conviction OPPOSED Nazi TYRANNY obstructed growing persecutions of the JEWS.
Military group, by Charismatic COLONEL Claus Von STRAUFFENBERG plotted to assassinate HITLER with a bomb and establish a GOVERNMENT that would make peace with the ALLIES. Plan almost worked but Hitler SURVIVED, and he killed them. Jewish Resistance:

For many JEWS, "SPIRITUAL resistance" was often their only means defiance within the GHETTOS and CAMPS of Eastern Europe.
Jews stubbornly resisted the Nazi DEHUMANIZING policies by performing illegal RELIGIOUS ceremonies, Orchestra CONCERTS, or theater productions.
Jews established ACTIVE UNDERGROUND networks that smuggled FOOD, CLOTHING, and MEDICINE thereby allowing those who had been trapped to prolong their EXISTENCE.
Jews demonstrated their "SANCTIFICATION of LIFE" (their will to SURVIVE)
Jewish LEADERSand council ELDERS who refused to follow Nazi directives PAID with thier LIVES for defiance.
Jews also took up ARMED resistance in ghettos and camps and fought the Nazi members of PARTISAN units.
Despite the possibility of severe retributions- and in spite of FENCES, guard towers, MACHINE guns, search LIGHTS and vicious DOGS. Uprising broke out in 4 death camps and several concentration camps. Go to video On to the activity....... ______________ ______
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