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The Crab of Communications

No description

Gloucester Diocese

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of The Crab of Communications

Free tools:

We use Mailchimp
Great big spike in web stats, far greater reach for our articles

You can hook Mailchimp up to Wordpress or Twitter/Facebook - meaning when you put articles online, they self-distribute everywhere
40 Voices Lent Series in 2013
Quick & super easy
Weebly 'pro' £30 annual
Social media >
It's about people >
We need to talk about Facebook
Mobile devices using
the Diocesan website
Mobile forces
Our website
rss or manual
Web 1.0
i need a
watch, lol
i got watches ;)
Web 2.0
how do you
feel about that
Social Media
wtf? look
at these watches
zomg, who cares?
#random #cats #/b/
ima buy one,
<3 MOAR ftw
lol @spiv #whatever
hahahAHAHaaa #roflharris
apparently these
watches are
and whatever
RT @monocleguy: apparently
these watches
and whatever #bargain
Hyperlocal example

With mobiles becoming relatively cheap, social media has opened a level playing field that has empowered communities which were previously isolated.

'Hyperlocal' means data linking the real world and virtual is strengthened and used for all
sorts of interesting purposes.

my watch
got nicked!
his watch
got nicked!
hold on a tick...
i was at <geotag>
and saw...
... #solvedcrime
The Interweb
The real world
Chance to talk honestly and openly about Christian faith and what it means
You're limited to 140 characters, so keep it brief!
Follow the other LLMs / clergy / locals you know
Check it occasionally! A smart phone will help with this
Talk to people! Engage on matters you care about
Follow and use it as a source of local info
Retweet interesting stuff
Use hashtags as a simple way to connect topics eg #christmasstarts
Advanced? Geotag & livetweet events you go to!!
The Beardy Face of Social Media
"We’ve seen a consistent trend in 2013 toward sharing through image and video, rather than text-based content. Visual content will increasingly become a critical piece of any solid content strategy"
- Forbes, witnessed by us
Bad idea: ignoring copyright
Good idea: Alpha's use of Instagram
Seek and ye shall find
"The biggest growing sector on
Facebook is 55-65 year-old women."
Genders/ages engaged with diocesan Facebook:
Diocesan Social Media referrals
"The Church is the original social network – it connects people, encourages them to participate and to reach out to others."
Be flexible
Don't be limited by fashion. Try it. If it doesn't work, try something else. If that doesn't work, fire up Google and find another way.
Carphone Warehouse do a £11/month sim which can send unlimited texts
bulksms.co.uk charges £10.80 to send 200 text messages

The Joy of Text
Learn and change as you go
Parish website

Contact info
How to get there
About the church
At least one photo!

Shared online calendar
Social Media links / embedded
Videos of people / inspiring stuff

Who is responsible for the site?
How will it be updated?
How much budget do you have to build the site?
What about ongoing costs?
Logins - make sure there's no single point of failure!

Nice to have:
Parish website build options

Church Edit etc
£150 annual
Easy to edit
Good support
churchedit.co.uk / church123.com
Weebly or Blogger
weebly.com / blogger.com

123-reg.co.uk / godsweb.co.uk
From £2.99/month
Very flexible
Great support - use it!
You can decide based on the longer-term resources
available to you or your parish
Just you?
Got tech help?
Got some cash?
Be aware: branding of owner
website will remain in footer/header
unless you pay a little. Weebly
has a simple way of buying a new
web address and hooking it up :)
Be aware: learning curve if you've
not done it before. Use their
support when you get stuck.
Make sure login details aren't
held by a single person...
Be aware: You're paying for the comfort of knowing someone else deals with the hosting and security etc. Not hugely flexible if you want to develop new ideas, not hugely attractive branding or theme options
Represents the CofE locally. Make sure it's up to scratch.
Create a Facebook page for your church
Example: prayer group promotion in South Bristol
No interaction 2013
Proper job 2014
Interaction & traffic 2013
Underwhelming 2014
Interaction & traffic
Get cracking with Social Media
Diocesan guidelines available on bristol.anglican.org
> Resources for parish > Communications
Increases communications impact, scale, efficiency and immediacy
Online fellowship, support
Invitations to church events
Sharing testimonies
Builds relationships and community
Provides opportunities for participation, collaboration, feedback
Reaches and connects with new groups where they are communicating
Enhances learning and generates ideas
The short version:
Forming inappropriate relationships
Could let down the reputation of the church in the eyes of the community
Saying things you should not – with increased impact
Breach of confidentiality and gossip
Blurring of public ministry/private life boundaries
Bullying, harassment and malicious accusations
Grooming and impersonation
The Golden Rule
If you would not
– say something in a public meeting or to someone’s face
– write something in a local newspaper or on headed notepaper
DO NOT put it online.
Look at your personal privacy/sharing options
(Make sure you're sharing what you want and with whom you want)

Be bold! With the Golden Rule in mind, you can still engage
Promote church events, share news and pictures, promote discussion
Chance to talk honestly and openly about Christian faith and what it means
A church should create a Facebook page, not profile or group

engage with vulnerable church members through the church page where possible, not through your profile
Be cautious about accepting friend requests from church members and do not accept them from children and young people
Further Safeguarding /social media advice on the diocesan website

Start out slowly, following people you know and who know you. Then, as you start tweeting regularly, follow more people based on your interests
1700 years of church control of institutional communications (sometimes monopoly) has been breaking down since Gutenberg invented the printing press.

Twitter has 555 million active users, 270 million of which tweet at least once per month. At Twitter HQ they consume 1,440 eggs and 585 gallons of coffee every week. Gross.

Nonsense. It'll never catch on.
A quest! I mean quiz. 5 mins.
(1) What is the total number of Facebook users?
a) 500 million b) 750 million c) 1 billion d) 26 billion

(2) How many of them have anything interesting to say?
a) 10% b) 90% c) What sort of question is that?

(3) According to Facebook terms & conditions, at what age can you
legally have your own account?

(4) How did rioters avoid police and co-ordinate during the 2011 UK riots?

(5) What's the latest social media trend to sweep the nation?
a) Mongo b) Zipperfloop c) Doesn't matter. Let's engage where
people actually are.
This is more important than it sounds.
Just ask Egypt, Hackney or the Java coffee shop on Park Street..
A seven minute quest:
What is your vision for communications in your parish?

Who would you like to communicate with, and how do they currently communicate?

Share your strengths
Three groups.
People hear lies and spread them without looking into it

Gay marriage? The church [/Jesus] does not hate gays. This much I know.
Women Bishops? The church [/Jesus] does not hate women. The Bible tells me so.

The Great Commission
12 mins
Roll your sleeves up ... gracefully

Before you even look at your parish site, make sure achurchnearyou.com is up to date!
Have a profile
Controlled privacy settings
Managed a group
Built a page
Have a profile
Have multiple profiles
Shared content
Used for comms daily
Have updated a site
Been involved in planning a website
Been involved building a website
Built one from scratch
Hands up:
I want to get cracking with....
Example: Forty Voices Lent series 2013 vs Carbon Fast 2014
Normal church promotion for a week:
zero attendees
Bulk SMS the morning of the prayer group: record numbers (30 in this case)
Corporate identity >
Parish mags & press >

Use faith/people stories to publicise events
People like to see photos of other people
People like local things
Be proactive & aware of your content rights (ie. lots)

Branding isn't a dirty word
It's not about looking cool, it's about a consistent and modern approach
Consistency is important
All this means is that social media is significant
People like to read about other people
Encourage your editor to edit
Write down:
How can we serve you?
Detail >
Buy the book.
Latest version will be on
Amazon in December.
What do you want to achieve that you think digital/social media might hold the right tools for?
Group question. 10 mins.
Contribute comms to the wider mission

Environmental / development stories
Churches working with schools
Working together (eg. ecumenical/community)

Feedback is contribution! We love it.
Run out of time? Talk to us!

Vanesther - 0117 906 0127
Sam - 0117 906 0123

Faith stories
Noticeboards are all some people will ever see
Remember The Crab of Communications.
Identify one thing
Write down:
What one thing can your parish contribute to the wider mission?

What one thing could your parish do to improve its own communications?
Parish magazines
What are the problems faced by parish magazine editors?
Why do it at all?
Journalists are people too!
Call us if the press get in touch. Remember you can always say "No we don't want to talk about this"
Call us if your video starts to go viral or your story gets picked up in the local/national press
Safeguarding! You're not on your own, keep us in the loop with your nominated Safeguarding Officer

Dealing with the press.
What are the PEOPLE elements of this story?
Were there personal reasons why church members chose this charity?
Who will the money help? Why is this important? What are their stories?
How was the money raised? Bizarre / extraordinary feats of endurance?
Different approaches for different media – photos for FB; striking facts for Twitter; feature for parish magazine; individual’s testimonies for website; interviews with key individuals for radio (make use of community radio!); who/what/where/when/WHY press release for local papers – needs strong hook eg “Parishioners moved by TV reports on XXX” or “Church turns wine into water for drought victims”
Work with the charity for case studies / facts & figures. Get a quote!
Get good photos – focus on people doing things, not the money – cheque presentations are very uninspiring. The charity will be able to supply images
How has sharing this story contributed to the wider mission?
What picture have you painted of Christians in your community?
Share your stories with the Diocesan comms team – we can help it reach a wider audience...
Whether you decide to use parish magazine, social media, short films, a press release or your website, consider:
Why should you share this story?
What’s your angle?
How will you tell your story?
Scenario: Church members raise £350 for Tearfund
Social and digital media
People are ace; take photos of them
What could the diocesan office be communicating better? (And what media would serve that best?)

What types of message get heard, and what sort of media delivers that message?

Communications around Parish Share; discuss and feed back!
The point of e-news of any sort is to make communication easier, faster and yummier
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