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My Genre Preferences

No description

Jade Midgley

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of My Genre Preferences

'The Roommate' focuses on the obsession a girl has of copying her roommates identity and becoming like her. This makes the character obsessed with the girl and willing to do anything to stay with her. An example of this is when the girl becomes jealous of the attention her roommate shows to a kitten and decides to kill the kitten in order to get attention herself instead. This follows the genre trope of identity and the mind as the character is obviously suffering from a mental illness which has lead to her creating this obsessive behaviour.
A genre is a style or category that appears within a media; in this case it's film. They help quickly establish the differences between media forms as well as the codes and conventions that film makers should follow to make the film look a certain way that fits the stereotype of the genre. genres are set to help audiences develop their personal preferences for what types of film that they like. Within a genre, there can be sub-genres which are specific subdivisions in the genre, e.g, within the horror genre there is a sub-genre of paranormal.
There are also hybrid genres which are made from elements or themes blended together from two or more different genres to create a hybrid. All genres follow their codes and conventions as they are the rules and common generic elements that are associated with that specific genre. Within a genre there are also repeated themes and styles that can coincide with the conventions for the genre and heavily tie to the genre. These are referred to as genre tropes.
My First Genre Preference:
My favourite film genre is horror. Horror films follow the conventions of creating a tense and fearful atmosphere. Horror films like to follow the convention of presenting isolation in some way while also following genre tropes of paranormal, nightmares and insanity as well as dystopian worlds like zombie apocalypses. Some of my favourite horror films are 'The Others' (2001) and 'One Missed Call' (2008).
My Second Genre Preference:
I also love comedy films. Comedy films tend to follow the conventions of being set in bright places where social events take place. This helps create a cheerful atmosphere and sets the audience in the right place for the film to be taken lightheartedly. Comedy films mainly use three different types of comedy; either slapstick, dark humour or wit/wordplay. My favourite comedy films are 'the Other Woman' (2014) and 'Little Man' (2006).
My Third Genre Preference:
I also enjoy watching psychological thrillers. The psychological thriller genre is really a sub-genre that crosses between the horror and thriller genre whilst also incorporating elements from typical mystery and drama films. They normally follow themes that involve the mind and being deceived by others as well as identity and reality. I like psychological thrillers because they really get you thinking about the character's motives and surround you in a tense and mysterious atmosphere. Two of my favourite psychological thrillers are 'The Roommate' (2011) and 'Panic Room' (2002).
'Panic Room' focuses on a mother and daughter being locked away in their own safety panic room to protect themselves from burglars. This film makes the audience understand the reality of the situation and gets them thinking about what they would do in that same situation. The characters are also deceived at times by the antagonists of the film when trying to make them leave the panic room.
My Genre Preferences
What is Genre?
'The Others' is based mainly on aspects of the paranormal and follows the theme of isolation heavily throughout. The main character keeps her children at home isolated from the outside world as they are believed to be highly sensitive to sunlight. However, over time they discover that they are actually ghosts. There is a theme of insanity laced into the film as the mother goes into denial because she refuses to believe the truth behind her family.
'One Missed Call' follows the convention of creating a tense atmosphere throughout the film. This is due to the narrative holding a great sense of mystery and this leaves the audience feeling quite fearful of the events to come. Tension is created as characters receive phone calls of their own deaths and hear themselves die. So everytime a phone rings to create diegetic sound, the audience instantly feel tense or scared for the characters.
'The Other Woman' features many scenes that are set in social settings such as clubs, restaurants and business events. This follows the convention of comedy films being lighthearted and relatable to the audience. The three main characters all use wit and wordplay to present humour constantly throughout the duration of the film. These scenes of dialogue always take place in funny situations to support the comedic theme and genre.
'Little Man' also has scenes that set in public places such as parks and restaurants where social events take place. A few of the main characters use slapstick comedy in the film and therefore, uses violence to receive a positive response of the audience finding humour within the actions. However, all of the characters uses wit and wordplay throughout to give the film comedic wordplay.
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