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No description

soleil martinez

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of Monster

The book Monster is about a sixteen year old boy, named Steve Harmon. He is on trial for murder. In the book, Steve explains his experience in jail with a script and also with journal entries. Within the script and journal entries, he talks about: how they treat the inmates, how he feels, what he fears,what he misses from the outside, what they do inside jail, and he tries to make you feel as if you were there. After all he had to endure in jail as an inmate, he was found not guilty, but James King, who was on trail with Steve, was found guilty . Now Steve is trying to figure out who he really is.
The main settings are: the Manhattan Detention Center where Steve is when he's not in the court room, the court room where the trial takes place, and another setting that they constantly mention in the trial because it is where the murder took place... the Drugstore on 145th street in Harlem.
Main Character
The main character in this book is Steve Harmon. Steve Harmon is a sixteen year old on trial for murder. He is a young black man and is facing 25 to life for murder. He is very passionate for film making. At the end of his trial, he is found not guilty. Now he is, more than ever, involved with his film making.
Minor Characters
Judge: Judging the case. Tall and thin, white hair, 60 years old.
James King: On trial with Steve Harmon. Twenty-Three years old, but looks older. He is on trial for wresting the gun from Mr.Nesbitt and Killing Mr.Nessbitt with a gunshot.
José Delgado: Store clerk. He is young. Very well built and articulate. Found the body.
Salvatore Zinzi: Incarcerated witness. Wears glasses. Slightly overweight.
Wendell Bolden: Incarcerated witness. Average height. Heavily built.
Detective Karyl: Detective on the case.
Arthur Williams: Detective on the case. Detective Karyl's partner.
Osvaldo Cruz: Fourteen years old. Slim and well built. Part of a gang called "The Diablos". Allegedly part of the Robbery. He testifies against Steve and James in order to get a little less time.
Allen Forbes: City clerk. Witness to Mr.Nesbitt purchasing his gun.
Dr.James Moody: Medical examiner. Examined the body.
Lorelle Henry: 58 year old, retired school librarian. The State's star witness. Was in the Drugstore during the robbery. She identified King but not Steve.
Richard "Bobo" Evans: Twenty-two year old, incarcerated. Part of the robbery. He is testifying against Steve and King. He is getting a reduced sentence for testifying.
Dorothy Moore: James King's cousin.
George Nipping About 50 years old. Wears wire-rimmed glasses.

The theme touched in this book is to keep fighting for your rights, that if people incriminate you of something, but you know deep down you didn't do it, don't let them label you. If you allowed them to label you, you will lose all the faith you have in yourself and in your innocence, and all your chances of getting your justice and being treated fair, will become more challenging to demonstrate.
I think that in the future, Steve will find himself out. Maybe he would be able at some point, to ask Ms.O'Brien why she didn't congratulated him when he was determined "Not Guilty". If he chooses, he is capable of helping people who have chosen a wrong path in life.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books that give you the feeling that you should keep reading and that likes themes that pulls you in. Also, this book is very interesting and captivating. It tells you a story, with a very suspenseful, yet enlightening end. But, at the end, It makes you think if you know who you really are. It's really deep and meaningful.
By: Walter Dean Myers

Summer Reading
By: Soleil Martinez

Minor Characters (2)
George Sawicki: Film club mentor. Testifies in favor of Steve.
Jerry: Steve's eleven year old brother.
Mr.Harmon and Mrs.Harmon: Steve's parents.
Johnny and Peaches: King's friends.
Tony: Steve's childhood friend.
Sunset: Inmate.
Ernie: Inmate.
Alguinaldo Nesbitt: shot and killed in his Drugstore, December 22nd.
Supporting Main Characters
Sandra Petrocelli: The Assistant District attorney. She has dark hair and dark eyes. She is prosecuting the case against Steve and James King. She labeled Steve as a "monster."
Kathy O'Brien: Steve's defense attorney. Petite, red haired and freckled. She wants the jury to try to separate Steve from James King as much as possible
Asa Briggs: James King's defense attorney. Blue eyes and white haired. He tries to keep James as close to Steve as possible... So James doesn't look to bad.
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