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Texas: A Land of Contrasts

Tex. History Project

Pooja Agrawal

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of Texas: A Land of Contrasts

Texas and its diversity mean a lot to it's people but sometimes we forget to acknowledge it. That's why this presentation is going to be presented, to show everyone Texas's Diversity. Texas has four regions: Gulf Coastal Plains,
Great Plains, Mountains and Basins, and
Central Plains. These four regions' geography impacts the the society in many different ways. One example is, because of the large variety of vegetation in the Gulf Coastal Plains, some prefer to be involved in the agriculture industry. This causes people to modify the environment, since they have to prepare land for farming. Texas is called a land of contrasts because of its varied land, culture, geography, and unpredictable weather. Texas was given this name in the 1960's. Texas: A Land of Contrasts Because of Texas's FOUR regions, there are many types of geographical landforms. The Gulf Coastal Plains is low and flat in elevation, this level of land is also similar to the Great Plains, while the Mountains and Basins region has mountainious land along with some deserts. THe Central Plains's Geography varies from rolling hills to various types of trees. Since Texas has many regions, there are also many different types of climates. The Coastal Plains is known for its humid climate, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, and natural weather elements.
The Central Plains has moderate rainfall, tornadoes, and dust storms because of the dryness in the area. The Great Plains is more of the colder area and the Mountains and Basins are dry because of the air and the variuos deserts. Since there are many choices of where
to live in Texas, some people decide to
move from place to place. This movement
affects the area because the population
continuously changes. Sometimes there is
more room while other times there is less. These geographic differences reflected in the Native American cultures in many ways. For most Natives, where they lived had an effect on what they ate. For example, if they lived by the water, they would eat fish. These same Natives were eventually wiped out because of European colonization.
Europeans also established missions and prestidios, which impacted the culture of Texas a lot! Europeans also introduced slavery, cotton farming, and cattle ranching, which changed Texas forever! References: ehow.com, wikipedia.org, www.thecitiesof.com/texas/escape/, Mr. K, ISN, and the textbook. We Love our Texas!
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