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The purpose of pre-production documents

This is about the purpose of Pre-Production Documents

Willliam Pinto

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The purpose of pre-production documents

The purpose of pre-production documents By William Pinto A mood board is a pre-production document which is collage (digital or on paper) of images which try and capture a feeling , theme, or design. These are mostly used in interior design, fashion design, and advertising. they are often used to generate ideas for a client to meet their approval before making the final product. It can help in terms of planning because it could be used to create a design or a theme. A film director would use a mood board to show their ideas for a film. A mood board A Mind map/ Spider diagram is a type of document that could be used for a designer to help them get ideas. It is made of a collection of images and themes. It typically has a topic in the middle and it also includes branches that link to the topic and sub topics. The purpose of a mind map/spider diagram is that people use it to gather ideas. In a creative imedia sector, you would create a mind map first and then create a mood board or a visualtisation diagram. A mind map/spider diagram could be used by a school student to help them revise for a subject. a film director could use a mind map/ spider diagram to gather ideas for a film. Mind maps/spider diagrams Visualisation diagram is a plan used for still products or rough diagrams. It also shows the layout where text, items will be placed. The componets of a visualisation diagram are images, text, descripton, shapes, graphs. It is used interior design designing maganizes, presentations, newspapers, leaflets or collages. A visualisation diagram can be used to plan a poster. A designer would use a visualtisation diagram to show their ideas for a new product or a new line of clothing. Visualisation diagrams A Storyboard is made up of images or sketches to show different ideas for example a film or an advertisment. The purpose of a storyboard is that they show the ideas, camera angles and timing of each scene or line. It can help in terms of planning because instead of just making a film, first they would have to make a storyboard to show different scenes, camera angles to show the actors or actress how and what is going to happen in the film. Storyboard
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