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The Laramie Project

No description

Allyson Rogers

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of The Laramie Project

Rachael Butris, allyson rogers, jolene perales, heather lawson The Murder
Who: Matthew Shepard
When: October 1998
Why: His homosexual lifestyle
Where: The outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming
The Killers: Aaron Mckinney and Russell Henderson
Death: Six days laters The play includes:
Reaction of Laramie
Reaction of Matthew's parents
Feelings of the people of Laramie
Background information

All of the 200 interviews occurred in the year following the murder.

"Kaufman believed that a reflection of this event by the people involved would provide a vehicle for discussion about homosexuality and hate crimes..." (About The Laramie Project).

"Created the illusion of reality by formatting his play as a re-enactment of the interviews" (About The Laramie Project). The Laramie Project The Reaction of the country Protests
Controversy in politics
Media frenzy
Candlelight vigils
The creation of the Laramie Project The Laramie Project Moisés Kaufman
Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela
The son of Holocaust survivors
Went to business school and joined a group called Thespis in Venezuela
At the age of 23, he decided he wanted to become a director
Struggled with his homosexuality
Moved to New York in 1987
Continued to study at New York University
Founder and artistic director of the Tectonic Theater Project Life Before The Laramie Project Explained Gay Rights in America 1969- First step for gay rights with the Stonewall riot Gay Rights in the 90s 1992- Colorado becomes the 1st state to rid itself of protection laws
1993- "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was established
1995- Gays are no longer denied US security clearance
1996- Colorado nullification struck down by the Supreme Court
1998- Maine is the first state to repeal the gay-rights statute
1999- Only 11 states had regulations regarding gay rights
Hate Crime in America In 1994, the federal law defines "hate crime."
In 2001, out of the 50 states seven did not have hate crime laws.
Of the remaining 43, the laws established by 20 states did not protect crimes against sexual orientation.
In 2008, Wyoming still did not have hate crime laws.
--Four other states did not have them either
In October of 2009, President Barack Obama passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Tectonic Theater Project After the Murder Was Matthew's murder a random assault or do you believe the murderers knew what they were doing? Why is The Laramie Project still controversial even after 12 years? Did the play have any effect on the LGBT community? Should hate crime be considered a federal offense? What is the difference between a hate crime and a "normal" crime? (Gay Rights Movement). (Religious Tolerance). Is the conflict between the heterosexual lifestyle and homosexual lifestyle still as intense as it was when Matthew Shepard was killed? Was the religious community as supportive as it could have been in the aftermath of the murder? Why or why not? Who do you believe was the most unselfish character in the play? In what way? (About The Laramie Project). Moises Kaufman 0ther works Literary Criticism The Laramie PRoject Summary Scam
Individualized Background Information Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde- 1997
--Explored the Victorian
thoughts on homosexuality
class, religion, and politics
I Am My Own Wife- 2004
-- Story about a German
transvestite Founded in 1991 by Kaufman
"Emphasizes the company's interest in construction..." (Tectonic Theater Project).
"Dedicated to developing innovative works...fostering an artistic dialogue with our audiences on issues that affect us all" (Tectonic Theater Project).
Award winning projects include Gross Indecency and The Laramie Project (About The Laramie Project) Themes Characters Prejudice
Social justice Reggie Fluty
Reverend Fred Phelps
Father Roger Schmit
Matt Galloway
Russell Henderson
Aaron Kreifels
Catherine Connolly
Aaron McKinney
Jedadiah Schultz
Dennis Shepard

And many, many more. Act 1:
Set in "moments"
Reflections offered by townspeople about Laramie
Conflict arises when Jedadiah Schultz tells his story
Background of Matthew Shepard and gays in Laramie
Religious opinions
The infamous Fireside Bar
McKinney and Henderson are discussed
Matthew is discovered tied to the fence
Act 2:
Discussion of the media frenzy
Medical updates
Reggie Fluty finding Shepard and her AIDS scare
Homosexuality against religious views
Vigils and parades
Matthew Shepard dies
Act 3:
Funeral and the picketing of Reverend Fred Phelps
Henderson and McKinney are sentenced
Dennis Shepard gives a speech
Townspeople reflect on their opinions Works Cited Chua-Eoan, Howard. “That’s Not a Scarecrow.” Time Magazine. 19 Oct. 1998. Web. 7 Feb.
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February 2011.
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rage triggered by memories of a childhood assault.” Newsweek 8 Nov. 1999: 40. Student Resource Center - Gold. Web. 7 Feb. 2011.
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the Politics of Performance.” ANQ 23.2 (2010): 86-95. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 7 Feb. 2011.
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