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Gorillaz completed

Gorillaz power point

Jessica Little

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Gorillaz completed

Gorillaz Band members 2d Vocals & Keyboard Murdoc Bass Guitar Russel Drums, Percussion, &DJ Noodle Guitar & Backing Vocals Android noodle Guitar del the ghost rapper MC Master of Ceremonies= Guy on the Mic= DJ/ Person Rapping origins creators Damon albarn Jamie hewlett gorillaz was created in 1998 when both albbarn and hewlett lived together born in london in 1968 where his mother, hazel albarn, who worked as a stage designer for a theatre company. his father, artist Keith Albarn, was mainly involved in TV programming and interested in designing and making modern furniture. He eventually became the manager of art jazz-rock group called Soft Machine. grew up listening to mostly to old blues, Indian ragas and African music from his parents. has one sister, jessica, who is also an artist. as a child, albarn was intersted in football and his room was filled with the fossils. he went to school @
Stanway Comprehensive School. albarn was considered a school "star" because of all the plays he participated in. but
many of his classmates considered him "gay/posh" because of his new love for drama at the age of ten. full name: murdoc niccals full name: russel hobbs (currently MIA) (currently MIA) AS A YOUNGSTER, ALBARN WON IN THE NATIONWIDE Young Composer of the Year competition.

Albarn and childhood friend and guitarist, Graham Coxon, formed a band with other group members, but weren't very successful at first, but due to Damon's accelerated musical development, the band evolved into Seymour, which later changed its name to Blur. ...LATER in life... born in 1968 in england where his artistic skills began to show at an early age in his life. while studying at Northbrook College where a fellow student, alan martin, and hewlett had created a comic called Atomtan. This brought him to the attention of Brett Ewins ( a bristish comic book artist,) were invited by Ewins to create material for a new magazine he was setting up called deadline.

this is where martin and hewlett began there mini-series of a comic called tank girl. Hewlett was a runner up runner-up in a national television competition for a road safety campaign while he was young. Hewlett is known for his "quirky" style, which many viewers haven't seen before. His style caught the eyes of musicians and designers alike by designing album covers and contributing his artwork to magazines. but, since the cancelling of deadline hewlett focused on advertisting so with the trials and tribulations in both albarn and hewlett's careers, both actually lived in an apartment together and came up with the idea of the gorillaz. the people behind the cartoons? who are Miho hatori Voices of Noodle & musicians Phil Cornwell Comedian, Actor, impressionist & writer. & Haruka Kuroda voice of murdoc NOT your avereage
black guy Remi Kabaka Voice of Rusell Nelson De Freitas Speaking voice of 2D British actor &
former drama student Now, Let's witness. . . the final production INTRODUCING THE gorillaz Paula cracker Guitar Achievements Gorillaz The band's 2001 debut album Gorillaz sold over seven million copies and earned them an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Successful Virtual Band Demon Days went five times platinum in the UK, double platinum in the United States and earned five Grammy Award nominations for 2006 and won one of them in the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals category. The combined sales of Gorillaz and Demon Days had, by 2007, exceeded 15 million albums. The band's third studio album, titled Plastic Beach, was released in 2010. Works Cited www.fans.gorillaz.com

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