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Exercise, Health and Lifestyle

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Andy Gee

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Exercise, Health and Lifestyle

By Andy, Louis, Brandon and Aaron.
Exercise, Health and Lifestyle
Physical activity
Risks associated with alcohol-

Stroke- Caused by a raise in blood pressure, this can lead to a burst blood vessel in the brain.

Violence- As alcohol lowers the inhibitions and self control of an individual it can cause people to become extremely violent.

Cirrhosis-Alcohol breaks down the tissue in the liver and this becomes scar tissue.

Hypertension- High blood pressure is caused by the high amount of sugar in alcohol which causes the body to create excess insulin.

Depression-People sometimes drink to as a self medication when they are depressed but Alcohol often makes people more depressed.

Sexual health- People often catch sexually transmitted diseases when drunk because they are more likely to take risks such as not using contraception.

Guidelines- The government advises that people should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men (equivalent to a pint and a half of 4% beer) and 2-3 units of alcohol for women (equivalent to a 175 ml glass of wine). Regularly drinking more than this has an array of health risks attached.
Health risks caused by smoking-

Cancer- More than 4 in 5 cases of lung cancer are related to smoking. Lung cancer has a high fatality rate.
When you smoke you are putting more than 70 cancer causing substances into your body. These harmful substances change you DNA which makes cancerous cells grow and multiply.

Lung Infection- The smoke that enters your lungs makes your lung cells more porous which means that the harmful bacteria is more likely to enter the body.
Alcohol also increases the chances of lung infection so people that smoke and drink are most at risk.

Coronary heart disease- Smoking damages the lining of the arteries and this can lead to the arteries becoming clogged with fatty substances which make is harder for blood to move around the body.
The carbon monoxide from cigarettes prevents oxygen from getting into the body. This means that the heart has to work much harder.
Effects of diet on the body-

Healthy diet- A healthy diet is an important part of weight management and it maintaining a healthy body can only be achieved by making sure that you are eating the correct nutrients and vitemins in the correct amounts.

Immune system- By maintaining a healthy diet and eating the correct nutrients you can ensure that your immune system will remain strong.

Balanced diet- As well as eating foods that contain the correct nutrients, it is also important to eat at the right times of day and have suitable portion sizes that match your lifestyle and physical activity.

Poor nutrition- There are many health risks that can be caused by obesity and poor nutrition. Poor nutrition can lead to heart problems, anemia, osteoporosis and many more health issues.
Physical activity is a general term used to describe movements of the skeleton and skeletal muscles that expend energy.
Guidelines- The government recommends that we exercise for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity, 5 times per week. It is also recommended that you do some physical activity every day. Children and teens need 60 minutes of activity a day for their health.
Benefits- There are many benefits from exercise; it is good for the brain, heart, bones and organs and can help you avoid heart problems and some types of cancer.
Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress after a hard day and joining sports clubs can be good for your confidence, social life and keeps you fit as the same time.
When you exercise your heart has to work harder to move blood around the body. This makes the heart and blood vessels more healthy.
Stress is something we deal with everyday and people deal with it differentely, but it is not a problem until the stress gets too much and you can't deal with it anymore. But small amounts of stress are good because it makes you work to the best of your abilities. Stress can cause Hypertension, Heart Attack, Angina, Stroke and Ulcers; this is because the heart is under more pressure and the body becomes worn down. You can release stress by playing sports, exercising, relaxing and doing things you enjoy. Stress can also lead to people changing their eating habits, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and having a shorter temper than usual.
These are the effects of alcohol
These are the effect smoking can have
This is the effect a bad diet can have
Stress can make people angry
This is a short video on Physical Activity
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