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Our God is a GREAT BIG GOD!!


Terry Urbanczyk

on 17 January 2011

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Transcript of Our God is a GREAT BIG GOD!!

Our God is a GREAT BIG GOD
Isaiah 30:12
Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand.....
Who has held the dust of the earth
in a basket.....

or weighed the mountains
on the scales....

and the hills in a balance...
45,000 thunderstorms
- each cloud in each thunderstorm contains 100,000 tons of water
4 Great lakes, if poured out over America, two 1/2 yards deep - 7 1/2 feet
Oceans contain 328 million cubic miles of water
Isaiah states, all in the hollow of God's hand
or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens....
93 Million miles between Earth and Sun
- represented by thickness of one piece of paper
- Stack of 25 yards (75 feet) high to reach from earth to nearest star -12 1/2 times my height!
Our galaxy alone, if we were to count the stars, three every second, 24 hours a day, takes a millenium.
The universe: one hundred trillion years
Yahweh marks them all by the span of His hand!
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