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No description

Kevin P

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Dentistry

About Dentistry
Chemistry, math, physics, biology, and anatomy are required
A minimum of a bachelors degree is required to enter dental school
Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) needs to be taken by junior year
2-5 year residency is required after dental school.
All began with...

Opportunities for growth
Field that I'm interested in
Not dealing with too much blood or surgery
Many possibilities - not just cleaning teeth
Why do I want to become a dentist?
About me
19 years old
About Dentistry Continued
What do dentists do?
Diagnose, treatment, and surgery
Have your own practice?
Administrative tasks, including book keeping and buying equipment and supplies
Skills required- dexterity, leadership, organization, patience, problem solving, and stamina
Work Environment
Most dentists work alone or in small groups
Protective gear is required so that diseases don't spread.
Lowest ten percent earned -$71,210
Median annual wage - $146,920
Highest ten percent earned - $166,400 +
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