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Textile Arts Presentation

Mari C

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Wool

Wool Biblical application Many Products Works Cited Modern Manufacturing The manufacturing of this textile sustains many countries, including Australia, Argentine, and New Zealand. Wool's Impact for the World Romans domesticated sheep and harvested their fleece to make wool. The Spread of Wool Change in History It is defined by its crimped texture, elasticity, and the fact that it grows in clusters. Wool Wool does not just come from sheep, but can also come from goats, alpacas, camels, rabbits, and others. The fleece is actually a fibrous protein called keratin that grows on the animal's skin. Fun Facts About Wool 4000 B.C. 1493 Sheep are brought to America by Columbus on his second journey. 1788 First water powered textile factories were established in Hartford, Connecticut, beginning mass production of wool products. about God created sheep!
Wool is mentioned in Genesis, but we are not sure of the exact date or place that the discovery of wool originated. 50 A.D. Sheep were brought to England by the Romans. 1800s Industrial Revolution continued to change the way wool was made. During the expansion of the Roman Empire, sheep were introduced to England and other parts of Europe. This newly discovered industry would make England one of the leading exports of wool for centuries. W L Even though wool has been around for a long time, people are still finding new benefits of the fiber, and discovering new techniques of manufacturing. Wool is not the major textile in this century because people have reverted to new products that are cheaper and easier to produce. Despite this, wool will always be one of the most durable and organic textiles that exist. http://ag.ansc.purdue.edu/sheep/ansc442/semprojs/2002/wool/background_and_history.htm


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wool Because wool has been around for many centuries, the only way we can really see how it has impacted the world is by considering the world without it. It was also one of the leading productions that skyrocketed during America's Industrial Revolution, providing many with jobs. The manufacturing processes of wool have changed over the years. Let us take a trip through the making of wool! Production youtube.com/watch?v=uEYsmzophTA&list=HL1351225410&feature=mh_lolz http://www. First, the sheep are sheared by hand. Then the fibers are sorted by quality and cleaned. The clusters are separated by combing machines. Sometimes various materials are blended together with the wool, or different qualities are wool are mixed. The wool blends are untangled and rolled into thin ropes that are similar to yarn, but easily pulled apart. Then, using a modern efficient version of an old fashion process, the ropes are spun and stretched in spinners. The yarn created can then be used for weaving or other methods. all about by Marianna Crespin A.D. A.D. A.D. Wool yarn can be dyed like any other textile, to add originality to the fabric or create a design. Wool is found in many clothing, textile, and natural products To name a few:
Seat covers A Scriptural application can be found in almost anything. Even though there is not a direct application of the textile wool in the Bible, we can use our knowledge of textiles to connect to Scripture. In Judges 6, God chose Gideon to be His prophet, but Gideon doubted God. He asked for signs to prove it was God. Then Gideon said to God, “Do not be angry with me. Let me make just one more request. Allow me one more test with the fleece. This time make the fleece dry and the ground covered with dew.” 40That night God did so. Only the fleece was dry; all the ground was covered with dew. http://niv.scripturetext.com/judges/6.htm By having a knowledge for the literal things in the Bible, we can better understand the real meaning behind Scripture. Judges 6:39-40
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