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UAV Communication Protocol & Technology Matrices

No description

Kevin Kanzelmeyer

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of UAV Communication Protocol & Technology Matrices

& Technology
Matrices ECE4007L01 About STANAG 4586 STANAG 4586 STANAG Edition 2 Ratification Draft was released to the public in 2011. Available http://www.innuvativesystems.com/STANAG4586Eed02a2_PubliclyReleased.pdf

STANAG Edition 3 is allegedly scheduled to be open source. *Source www.innuvativesystems.com. Edition 3 is complete and in the midst of ratification

There is not yet a governing body that certifies STANAG 4586 compliance for UAV systems. Source: CDL Systems http://www.cdlsystems.com/index.php/stanag4586 Benefits MAVLink Open source - available for free. MAVLink is LGPL licensed and can therefore be used as a library royalty-free in closed-source and open-source applications.

Supported by open source base stations (QGroundControl, APM Mission Planner) and open source autopilot systems (Ardupilot, PXHAWK).

Community support - documentation, tutorials, examples, source files in C, C++, and Python. Technology Matrices Communication Protocols STANAG 4586 MAVLink Pros Cons Standard that is being used by US military & Allies Limited support
$6000+ Software Development Kit (SDK) Open Source
Free, supported by free groundstations & autopilots
Community support, documentation, and tutorials Used primarily by hobbyists
Not a NATO standard IMU/AutoPilots ArduPilot PX4 Pros Cons Open Source
Supported by free ground stations
Community support, tutorials, and documentation
Simulation support Piccolo MicroPilot Cost Protocol $260 $250 $6k - $8k $2k - $6k Open Source
Supported by free groundstations
Community support, documentation, and tutorials High level processing capability
STANAG 4586 compliant
Simulation software ready to use Not STANAG 4586 compliant
Requires more "hacking" than Piccolo or MicroPilot Not STANAG 4586 compliant
Requires more "hacking" than Piccolo or MicroPilot MAVLink MAVLink STANAG 4586 STANAG 4586 24 grams, 10cm X 4cm
High level processing capability
STANAG 4586 compliant
Simulation software ready to use Expensive Expensive Radio Transceiver Digi XTEND 3DR Pros Cons Long range
Network "mesh" ready
Community support Digi XBEE Pro Cost Range
Power $260 $85 $150 Small, lightweight
Open Source firmware
Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
Community support Incompatible connectors with Ardupilot & PX4 Limited range
Low power Up to 40 miles L.O.S
900 Mhz
1 W Approx. 1 mile
433MHz or 900MHz
100 mW max Up to 6 miles L.O.S.
900MHz or 2.4GHz
50 mW max Limited Range
Deprecated model (deprecated by support) Small, lightweight
Community support High Level Processor Gumstix MK802 Pros Cons Community support
Under review... Cost $120 - $200 $75 Open Source
Under review... Under review Under review MAVLink is a lightweight, header-only message marshalling library for micro air vehicles. About
MAVLink MAVLink has been shown to work on multiple microcontrollers and operating systems, including ARM7, ATMega, dsPic, STM32 and Windows, Linux and MacOS. MAVLink is extensively tested on the PIXHAWK, SLUGS and ArduPilotMega platforms and serves there as communication backbone for the MCU/IMU communication as well as for Linux interprocess and ground link communication. Only 8 bytes of overhead required per packet. Challenges Limited community support because it is only used by proprietary commercial autopilots (PICCOLO, MicroPilot) and by US Military and Allies

Software Development Kit (SDK) only available from Instrument Control for $5,200. Available at http://www.instrumentcontrol.se/products/nato

Implementing the protocol without the SDK would take a team of computer scientists months to complete. Innuvative Systems scientists teamed with Micropilot to integrate MicroPilot Autopilot into STANAG 4586-compliant 4CE Control Station. The project took 6 months. Source: http://www.micropilot.com/news-2010-nov-1.htm
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