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The Sleeping Beauty Diet

No description

miranda mckenzie

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The Sleeping Beauty Diet

Miranda McKenzie and Tommy Foster The Sleeping Beauty Diet What is it? To be on this diet you sedate yourself, preventing yourself from waking up for days so you can not eat. Cons :
Classified as a fad diet
very little information available
little to NO documented results
difficult to get sedatives due to the nature of the diet Results The negative effects of this diet will include.. Pros :
Body will be forced to burn stored calories
Likely to get caught up on sleep Elvis. In the 1960s when the diet first took off, Elvis tried the diet for several days then gave up the moment he woke up Who would use this? HEADACHES DAYLIGHT VISUAL AND
COGNITIVE ABILITY MOOD SWINGS MOOD SWINGS BAD TEMPER INABILITY TO GET A DECENT NATURAL NIGHTS SLEEP MY OPINION This diet is very unhealthy and unreasonable. There are healthier ways to lose weight and get caught up on sleep. THE END
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