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correct table manners, what you shouldn't do at the table or while eating, proper utensils to use, how you should eat certain foods

Sarah Bitsky

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Etiquette

How to use utensils properly: Knives are always to the right, and forks are always to the left.
Never hold utensils with a fist.
Place your napkin in your lap and only use it when needed.
How to eat correctly: Always use please, thank you, or excuse me
Eat with your mouth closed.
Keep elbows off the table. Table setting: Napkins should be placed under the forks.
Knives should be on the right.
Glasses should be on the right-hand side as well. What you shouldn't do: Don't saw/stab your food
Cut food into small pieces the eat
Don't place any used cutlery on the clean tablecloth.
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