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Why We Should Date

No description

Elissa Winsett

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Why We Should Date

Why We Should Date

In a recent study(sept.30) from a school made entirely for this purpose, scientists have discovered that when given the choice (A) to date me or (B) get punched in the face forever, 11/10 chose A.
They also found that those who chose A were sufficiently happier than those who chose B.
People think we are cute together
i eat a lot so i'll never judge you if you get fat
i laugh at dumb jokes
i blush a lot (which is rather cute)
i don't care what we do (take me to the dollar store idc)
we're both insane
we like the same kind of music
Pros: (continued)
We can kiss all the time if you want
our friends already get along
I'm good at cuddling
I'm ticklish
I think I've made my point
In conclusion
Will you go out with me?
Proof that I am one in a million:
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