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No description

makaila matthews

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XI2Yl5oJoC8/TVVY4E4fH-I/AAAAAAAAAA

Horseback Riding Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Acting Lessons
What I want to be....
My Memories
Camera lessons
Movie tickets from date with jorge
Benetha Yonger
My Scrapbook
A Female Doctor, this is what iv'e always wanted to do , I love the thought of helping people.
Horseback riding were the first lessons I took.
It was really interesting to me, becasue it was so out of the box. But I got bored of it so I decided to pick up another lesson to learn...
I decided to buy some camera equipment to start takig pictures, but I never really picked up the equipment and actually use it so I decided to pick up another lesson.
I decide to pick up acting lessons because DUH, why not. But that didn't work out because I thought it wasn't going to take me anywhere in the future so i went to go take another lesson which wereee ...
Guitar Lessons !!! Taking guitar lessons were so cool because after I learned the basics things I could play all types of songs.But it took to long to finish the basics so I just stopped.I took alot more lessons after these I coudnt name them all even if I tried.
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