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Design Movement - Art Decco


Leila Collins

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Design Movement - Art Decco

Art Deco 1920 - 1939 "Art Deco's ultimate aim was to end the old conflict between art and industry, the old snobbish distinction between artist and artisan, partly by making artists adept at crafts, but still more by adapting design to the requirements of mass-production." -Bevis Hillier The design movement known as Art Deco first surfaced in Paris in the 1920s and continued to thrive throughout the 1930s and the World war II Era. The name “Art Deco” was derived by shortening the words Arts Décoratifs, which appeared in the title of a World’s Fair held in Paris in 1925. However, its name was not established until the late 1960’s. It contrasted with the brutality suffered during the First World War as the style embodies sophistication, glamour, functionality and modernity. The Lowdown Art Deco Vs Art Nouveau 1901 - 1984 Jacques Adnet 1876 - 1955 Maurice Dufrene 1883 - 1954 William Van Alen 1900 - 1969 Wolfgang Hoffmann http://abduzeedo.com/design-movements-art-deco-inspiration
“Art Deco: Painting And Design” Various authors, 1998 (16/10/12)
“A Guide to Art Deco Style” Arie Van De Lemme, 1987 (18/10/12)
“Encyclopaedia of Art Deco” Alastair Duncan, 1988 (18/10/12)
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