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The Bloody Chamber Quotes

Quotes relating to the Gothic and such

Emily Bush

on 21 January 2012

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Transcript of The Bloody Chamber Quotes

The Bloody
Chamber Quotes 'The Bloody
Chamber' "... the dark, leonine shape of his head..." "... eyes that always disturbed me over their absolute absence of light," "... this gallery of beautiful women," Foreshadowing of events "Into marriage, into exile;" "... my disobedience, the room, the rack, the skull, the corpses, the blood." "Absolute darkness. And, about me, the instruments of mutilation." "... like the door of hell." List of Gothic concepts such as blood = taboo of murder Abhuman - beastlike/werewolf "When I thought of courage, I thought of my mother." Subverting the role of females in a Gothic genre Beatles Corner for those sad times The Courtship
Of Mr. Lyon "... a constant human presence would remind him too bitterly of his otherness," Otherness is a key Gothic concept "Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial." "... so monstrous, so benign," Oxymoron "It seemed that December
still possessed his garden." "... where all the laws of the world he
knew need not necessarily apply," "All the natural laws of the
world were held in suspension,
here," Both father and daughter think
the home of the beast is 'liminal' almost, a place perhaps between the world of humans and beasts? "A lion is a lion and a man is a man," Beauty and the Beast subvertered Mr. Lyon = Human identity "... the golden door knocker was thickly muffled in black crepe." The house echoes the Beast; it is a part of him. The Tiger's
Bride "My father lost me to The Beast
at cards." "... in its Decembral solitude..." "too perfect,
uncanny." "... the imitation of life." "could boast among us not one soul... not beasts
nor women were equipped with the flimsy,
insubstantial things..." "... too much formal
symmetry of feature to be
entirely human." "A funeral hush about
the place," Winter = Death
Funeral = Death "He is a carnival figure
made of papier mache..." The Beast appears unwillingly
comical in his bid to appear human Puss In
Boots "A tom, sirs, a ginger tom and
proud of it." "... lubricates his virile, muscular,
native... French," "we have our smiles... painted on." "And she. A princess in
a tower." "pretty as a painted stage, and so is she." "The pious trot to church...
as we go ungodly rolling home." "And etc. etc. Enough to melt
the thorniest heart." Very sarcastic and humorous; the cat doesn't care much for the love being shown by his master The female is an object;
typical damsel in distress figure
and pretty but insubstantial "my meditative toilette," "ah, Puss, your rambling days
are over." The Snow
Child "Midwinter - invincible,
immaculate." "white as snow... red as blood...
black as that bird's feather." "pricks her finger on the thorn; bleeds;
screams; falls." "thrust his virile member into the dead girl." "Then the girl began to melt." "'It bites!' she said." The
Werewolf "they have cold weather; they have cold hearts." "the Devil is as real as you or I." "Harsh, brief, poor lives." "take your father's hunting
knife, you know how to use it." "she knew the forest too
well to fear it..." "Now the child lived in her grandmother's house; she prospered." "no flowers grow
there," The Company
Of Wolves "The wolf is carnivore incarnate..." "red for danger;" "forest assassins" "the bloody trunk of a man, headless, footless, dying, dead." "she has been too much loved to ever feel scared." "Her father might forbid her... her mother cannot deny her." "she should never leave
the path..." "her scarlet shawl... the colour of blood,
the colour of her menses," "See! sweet and sound she sleeps... between
the paws of the tender wolf." "The girl burst out
laughing; she knew she
was nobody's meat."
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