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PhD Defense

No description

Fardad Zand

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of PhD Defense

Why How What innovation act as a partial mediator ! ? structure changes
boundary changes
process changes 32,619 companies Dutch and multinational 14 years (1993-2006) radical innovation IT is an important asset for companies to improve their performance and gain competitive advantage over their rivals strong complementarities between IT and innovation
in services: IT supports change
in manufacturing: IT initiates change stronger in services than manufacturing
stronger in complex clusters of change 4 3 2 1 Why do some companies manage to benefit from IT while others fail? What are the impacts of using IT on performance of companies? How does IT affect performance of companies? :WHAT & HOW Role-based typology of IT 54 interviews w/ senior IT managers/consultants what are the organizational roles of IT? :WHAT & HOW :HOW & WHY incremental
radical innovation performance geographic diversity 12,811 companies

13 years (1994-2006)
stakeholder diversity incremental innovation partner diversity stakeholder
geographic enterprise systems product innovation process innovation goods
services business processes
production methods revenues
market share company performance revenues
market share simpler and more domain-specific systems (e.g. CRM)
have stronger effects IT :HOW & WHY organizatioanl innovation
But, more important is, perhaps, why, how, and for what purposes it is being used. There are many students in my home country who are more desereved than me to stand here now... I just happen to be luckier. Why How What 33,442 companies
29 EU countries
29 sectors (NACE-2)
5 years (2003-2007) performance product innovation process innovation 21% 31% 48%
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