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The Coniferous Forest

No description

yoshi banana

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of The Coniferous Forest

The Coniferous forest "coniferous" means 'coming from the cones. It is south from the artic tundra. Coniferous exist in many climates around the world. u.s and canadian coniferous forest have a rule which is when the tempeture cools, the species diversity declines, which means the animals are dying located where where the tempeture is cold with a high altitude. There are many animals such like bears, bobcats, bald eagles, beavers, otters, timber wolves and many more. animals and animals habitat plant life in the coniferous The coniferous forest plants provide alot for people. they provide food, shelter, medicine, wild life habitat and much much more. coniferous forest is usally covered with snow for most of the year, usally from october to may the forest has largest life form of a tree it is called the seqouia tree there are the longest tree's living they are about 3,000 years old, counting.
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