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Permaculture: Nature's Design

Why permaculture could be the answer to life, the universe and everything...

Jet Chong

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Permaculture: Nature's Design

Nature's Design ...why Permaculture is the answer to life, the universe and everything. The Problem: Oil is a resource that the modern human being is heavily reliant on. Just about everything that is manufactured or transported relies on oil.

This includes a vital human need: Food For the rest of this presentation, bear in mind: Diversity Stability What is Permaculture? -Design and Engineering
-Based on ecology and environmental sustainability
-Model of natural ecosystems. Permaculture is: There are 3 main principles behind Permaculture: 3: Share the Surplus 1: Take care of the Earth 2: Take Care of the People Take Care of the Earth Provision for all life systems to continue and multiply. This is the first principle, because without a healthy Earth, humans cannot flourish. Take Care of the People Provision for people to access those resources necessary for their existence Share the Surplus Healthy natural systems use outputs from each element to nourish others. We humans can do the same. By governing our own needs, we can set resources aside to further the previous principles. Summary -Design and engineering of settlements.
-Replicates natural systems by working with nature.


-DIVERSITY: Clear in the various case studies and examples.
-STABILITY: Constant positive growth
-RESILIENCE: Longevity of gardens and farms.
-CREATIVITY: See the image WEBS chicken trees humans wheat non-renewable
fertilizers petroleum harvesters bread humans PERMACULTURE INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE PEAK OIL ...then declines -Peak Oil - theorized by M. King Hubbert in 1956
-When our discovery and harvesting of natural oil peaks...

-No more oil for human use Affects aspects of our life that are oil based - everything Projecting History SEED International: >4000 projects in 120 countries Cuba Transport is the primary form of fuel consumption for industrial food production.

Cuban Oil Embargo occurred at the
collapse of the Soviet Union (1989)

According to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Cuba's agriculture survived thanks to:
-Land management -Organic agriculture -Urban agriculture Principles of Permaculture Let's look at the big picture... Permaculture is working WITH nature rather than AGAINST nature - This is why it is such an effective solution The term "Permaculture" was coined 25 years ago. To re-iterate: Ecological design Sustainable engineering Self-sustainable communities DIVERSITY|STABILITY|RESILIENCE|CREATIVITY Working with nature Practical Permaculture Observation and awareness Restoration Growth Maintainance Wisdom of usage Reduce pollution and waste Planning Strengthening and Building Sharing Resilience Creativity Why is permaculture the BEST solution? Jordan Valley Permaculture Project: Results of chemical free food are evident, no higher cost. Chickens thrived in Bjørnbakhus Melliodora Permaculture Farm - set up by David Holmgren himself. Candlelight Farm - A permaculture farm in Mundaring. Akakor Pagan Permaculture Farm is not just a farm (like the previous examples), but a COMMUNITY. Restoration of soil is crucial Masanobu Fukuoka -More productive than industrial agriculture
-Replenished soil fertility at the same time (1980s) Mindset Graham Bell Permaculture can be treated more like a mindset and view on life rather than a technique. Established his own principles and models of and for permaculture The 3 Principles allow for the four concepts Permaculture makes humans contribute to nature rather than taking from it, without exchanging productivity, instead often increasing efficiency So Why Permaculture? The reason permaculture triumphs where other sustainability techniques fail is simple:
The idea of working WITH nature rather than AGAINST Allows humans to contribute to nature rather than to take from it. It allows us to understand and utilize the efficiency of nature to an extent that creates abundance. Bibliography Erin Marteal. 2010. Melliodora Permaculture Farm with David Holmgren. Available at: http://pcnpg.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/melliodora-permaculture-farm-with-david-holmgren/. [Accessed 25 October 12].

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Marie-Ève Lépine. 2002. Earth Care, People Care, Fair Shares . Available at: http://files.uniteddiversity.com/Permaculture/Rural_and_Urban_Permaculture_in_the_Context_of_Danish_Society.pdf. [Accessed 23 October 12].

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R.Light, N.Teague, B.Pomeroy. 1998. The Environmental Crisis and Permaculture: "The harmonious integration of landscape and people". Available at: http://www2.kenyon.edu/projects/Permaculture/paper.htm. [Accessed 25 October 12].

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SEED International. 2012. What is Permaculture?. Available at: http://www.seedinternational.com.au/pc.html. [Accessed 23 October 12]. Bjørnbakhus Farm in Denmark

4 ha of permaculture farm for >25 years
Cows, horses, chickens, geese, bees...
Windmill and solar power

Near-completely sustainable. (Next table)
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