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No description

Ryan Koh

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Quintopia

Rather than be a curse while running into the war, we hit Eureka. Our half broken ship has hit an unidentified island. Here, we work on the land to build a new civilization. Here, is where we make Quintopia.
Welcome to our Utopia
Kristian Chernov
Melvin Chiem-Ngoy
Ryan Koh
Taylor Le
Tension between the 6 great continents causes us scientists to take action. We "obtain" a cruise ship to fulfill our needs.

Quintopia's History
Bringing 100 men and 100 women, we set off with intentions to save humanity before the next potential Great War. Weeks go on as we sail, slowing draining our resources needed to survive. Eventually, the booming begins- the Great War has begun.

Desperate to stay away from the distant sounds of nuclear discharges, we sail in circles around the Pacific Ocean away from land. During one of the many worried nights, we crashed into land, killing everyone at the bow... roughly half of the population.
1. One must never commit a crime.
2. Must not offend work leader.
3. Everyone must have equal treatment.
4. Rank (in job) can be earned and it can also be dropped.
5. You must obey the five rulers of Quintopia.
6. Don't rebel against people who are higher rank than you.
7. Be respectful and kind to other citizens.
8. One caught killing or eating meat except fish will be outcasted immediately
9. Everybody has 2 chances to break laws if they do more, they get outcasted to a radioactive continent of their choice.
10. No firearms
11. From age 19-50 one must work at least 5 hours a day.
13. The latest a person can go to sleep at 12 o’ clock a.m.
14. One must never ditch school.
15. No polluting

Education and Age
- Age 0-5 Growing up
- Age 6-12 Basics (Elementary school)
- Age 13-17 Picking and studying your job
- Will get to pick job depending on grades, bad grade students will be assigned jobs
- Math, science, history, english
- 60+ will be in government
- Age 55 will study politics
- Age 70 you become retired
- When you turn 10 years old, you get your first bike and pet dog.
Mitch Radvansky
- Quintopia has 1 branch of government, the Quintopian branch.
- The Quintopian branch handles crime, unfair treatment, and lawbreakers
- When you are 60 years old, you can participate in the government.
- The government settles human disputes.
- The Founders control the amounts of credits earned per hour.
- From highest to lowest is the Founders, landowners, job presidents, and then elders.
- If a government member is caught committing a crime, they will be kicked out of the government

We, the citizens of Quintopia will contribute to our community to make a balanced, fair, and peaceful land. Without these qualities, our land would be unstable and go into anarchy. The people of Quintopia strive to perfect these things to make the perfect utopia.
Recreation and Leisure
- Mainly people will ride their bikes around town
- Television will only be on for 10 minutes before it shuts off for 15 minutes so citizens can be active, healthy, and intellectual
- Citizens can also go view the memorial of the crashed cruise ship that the founders were on
- Many citizens tend to like to go to the commuting center/gym to talk to friends and family
- Other fun activity to do in Quintopia is to swim in the ocean or pool

- The people of Quintopia are atheists
- We focus on science
- We are vegetarians, we don't eat meat except fish
- Every month, the people of Quintopia float gifts into the sea to thank the earth for what it provides
- We believe that cheating is a major sin
- The earth is the only thing that is considered “holy”
- People never pollute, if they do they can be punished
The End
-Money is the amount of hours that you work at your job
- The less you work the less food and clothing you get, the more you work the more food and clothing you get
- The things you can buy with the hours you earn are food, utensils, and things that are essential for you
- The number of hours worked will be stored on a card
- If the number of hours is not substantial, one may receive punishment
- Each person will earn credit for the amount for hours they work they do
- One earns their credits, no credits shall be given away
- One hour of work is equivalent to 10 credits, and if you earn enough, you can purchase what you need
- If you lose your card, you could request the government to give you a new one if you remember your number

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."
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