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Danielle Coughlin

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Danielle Coughlin Creative Problem Solving I chose the area in which I was going to complete the CPS assignment out of personal and ethical interests. How might we better support students that are twice-exceptional? Educational Issue Could address challenges in all of the categories of needs of students who are twice-exceptional

**Teacher training to meet the academic, social/emotional, identification and collaboration needs of the student.** What is the most critical aspects
of the problem? In what ways might teacher training programs include training of gifted education including twice exceptional in their curriculum?
How can we change the teaching license to require additional training about twice exceptional students?
In what ways might schools provide incentives for additional teacher training?
How can schools provide specific training opportunities about twice exceptional students and their needs to classroom teachers?
In what ways might local colleges and universities develop additional training opportunities for in service teachers?
In what ways might teachers attend additional training programs?
In what ways might training opportunities be more accessible to teachers?
How might students motivate teachers to seek more training? Framing Problem Establishing Committee: Vice principal
Researching and Hiring Speakers: Committee members A and B are educators within the elementary school. They will share responsibility of researching and hiring speakers
Scheduling: Committee member C, an additional educator from the elementary school
Incentives: Committee collaboration, Vice principal will organize
Wikipedia Page: Committee member with technology proficiency
Continued Communication: Committee collaboration
Set up and clean up: Committee Collaboration Building Acceptance Introduction I was a twice-exceptional student...YIKES My father is brilliant, yet never earned a degree or found happiness in a career I see students continuously face the same challenges I did and I worry about their happiness and resiliency Underrepresented and under serviced population of great minds presents ethical obligation to schools, teachers and researchers Exploring Data What are all the needs presented by twice exceptional students? Academic needs and challenges
Differentiation for strengths
Differentiation for weaknesses
Specific skill gaps (organization, note taking, writing, etc.)
Support for intense interests
Teacher competency Exploring Data Social/ Emotional needs and challenges Internal asychrony
Challenges with peers
low self-esteem
low resiliency
Intensities/ Over excitabilities
Fear of failure/ success
Over/ under stimulation in classroom
Teacher training of social emotional needs Visibility/ Acquisition of Services Exploring Data Identification Cut off scores vs. Identification matrix
Teacher understanding of characteristics
Globally gifted vs. domain specific
Gift hiding disability or disability hiding gift Exploring opportunities Exploring Data Parents Challenges lack of understanding
Providing support at home
Communication with school Teacher Challenges lack of time
lack of resources
lack of understanding/training
lack of collaboration Generating Ideas Grant to establish additional course options in state universities
Add gifted course to undergraduate pre-service teacher curriculum
Create an online resource for independent teacher study
Create committee at each school or school district to develop professional training Pay teachers for service training hours Change requirements for teaching license Ensure GRT training and allot collaboration and training periods for grade level teachers Bring in expert to develop professional development workshops for school or school district Responsibilities if school wide: Timeline Summer year 1 Spring year 1 Implement incentives plan
Third Professional Development
Update Wikipedia page
Analysis of students identified for gifted education
Committee Meeting Establish Program Committee
Determine and delegate responsibilities
Initiate research for professional development speakers Committee Meetings
Research potential professional development speakers
Organize possible presenters and determine selection by committee
Book professional development presenters
Establish Wikipedia page for school Fall year 2 Committee Meetings
Determine schedule of professional developments/ book facilities
Determine/ implement incentives plan
First Professional Development
Update Wikipedia page
Inform teachers how to utilize Wikipedia Page
Second Professional Development
Update Wikipedia page Winter year 2 Committee Meetings
Fourth Professional Development
Documentation of Progress Spring year 2
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