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Artur Sarkisyan

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Michelin

MICHELIN COMPANY * This company was born in 1889 in France.
* It began with the production of tires for bicycle.
* The first factory abroad was built in 1891! TIRES FOR CARS The first Michelin car tire - XAS - was released in 1901. The tire was a big success. MICHELIN GUY MICHELIN GUY FROM FANS Michelin & it's competitors Pirelli GoodYear Continenal Bridgestone MICHELIN Michelin & Pirelli fighting for supercar segment. Both of them tried to make tires with better control on high speed. Michelin & GoodYear fighting for economy of fuel and for ecological clean tires. Ecology & Fuel Sport and drive Business class. Comfort Michelin & Continental trying to capture business class cars. The main properties: comfort, noiseless,
safe. SUV class. Passability Michelin & Bridgestone are the main competitors in the SUV class. In 2003 Michelin launched a new SUV brand and is now close to becoming a leader in this class. Products Michelin produces tires for: Cars
Moto-sport What about sport? Formula 1
Moto-sport SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Michelin is taking over all the tire segments.
High demand
High technology
Most well-known tire brand While the tires have very strong points, there are some weaknesses, such as controlling and braking in the economy class. Michelin company has launched new brands for big SUV cars and trucks: Kormoran, Taurus, B.F. Goodrich и Uniroyal. Michelin has 3 factories in Germany, Japan and France. All the products for the Russian market are delivered from Europe. In contrast, Pirelli has factories in Russia, which reduces its production costs and gives it a competitive advantage. This might adversely affect the market share of Michelin in Russia. 1. Competitors 2. Crisis in the Europe Current crisis in Europe reduced people's ability to buy expensive products. This directly affects Michelin - people prefer more affordable tires. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!
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