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Working in the Dark

No description

Ritu Jain

on 15 May 2011

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Transcript of Working in the Dark

Kimberley Process (KP) Created to stem the flow of diamonds 75 countries have signed up for KP Promised to trace and certify the origins of all rough diamonds Why is this a Problem estimated 1M children
work in mining
or quarrying... risk of injury, cronic illness, or death Less education for the future population HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION Whats the problem Whats the Solution create co-operatives better health standards & facilities become child labor free suild strong school systems International Labor Organization Pilots Santa Filomina, Peru pilot Inacted elimination of child labor
Community based mine works association
ILO built electric winch Helped haul minirals from 200 meters deep
eliminated the need for kids CHILDREN
MINING... Role of a mining company Create programs for children to work and study
Partner with government, NGO, other companies
Make it part of the mission
Why? Profitablity and Public Image at stake Denounce child labor in hazardeous mining
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