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Book Summary: Switch (How to Change Things When Change is Hard)

By Chip and Dan Heath (summary by Matt Weseloh)

matt weseloh

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Book Summary: Switch (How to Change Things When Change is Hard)

(How to change things when change is hard)
By Chip and Dan Heath
Direct the Rider
Rational and Logical side of our personality
Likes structure and goals
Is in charge (or likes to think so...)
Tires easily when frustrated
Who is the Rider?
How do you direct the Rider?
Investigate what is working and clone it
Ex. Jerry Sternin in Vietnam (reduce child malnutrition)
Follow the Bright Spots
Don't think about the big picture - think specific behavior
Ex. Fight obesity? Too BIG - just switch to 1% milk!
Script the Critical Moves
Show them where they are going and why they want to go there!
Ex. "You'll be third graders soon!"
Point to the Destination
the Elephant

The emotional side of our personality
Likes freedom and flexibility
Is FULL of energy (when motivated)
Who is the Elephant?
How do you motivate the Elephant?
Just knowing something doesn't cause change
You have to feel something!
Ex. Wake up and see the gloves on the table!
Find the feeling!
Too big = too hard = I'm not going to bother
Don't spook the elephant
Ex. The 5-minute Room Rescue
Shrink the Change
Cultivate a sense of identity that inspires
Ex. Brasilata's "Inventors" / The "HP Way"
Grow your People
Shape the Path
The way to get from where you are now...
...to where you want to end up
The easier the path - the sooner you get there!
What is the path?
How do you shape the Path?
When a situation changes - the behavior changes...
SO - change the situation!
Ex. Amazon.com examples (1-click, Prime), Time sheets
Tweak the Environment
Habitual behavior doesn't wear down the Rider
The Elephant doesn't like to think
Ex. Checklists and Standards
Build habits
Behavior is contagious.
Publicize the desired behavior!
Ex. Seeding a tip jar, "Fataki" in Tanzania
Rally the Herd
Testing - testing - testing
Can you see this?
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