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Cell Analogy project: Softball stadium vs cell

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Maddy Trout

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy project: Softball stadium vs cell

Cell Analogy project: Softball stadium vs cell
By: Maddy Trout
Pitcher vs Nucleus
The pitcher can sometimes control the outcome of the game just like how the nucleus controls the whole cell.
Softball vs Nucleolus
The softball is what all the action is centered around and where plays happen just like how in the nucleolus it is where ribosomes are made.
Pitching Circle vs Nuclear Membrane
The pitching circle is sited around one of the most important parts on the field, the mound and it is a barrier of protection for the ball and has the ability to stop plays from happening when the ball is held by the pitcher inside of it. Just like how the nuclear membrane is a barrier for the nucleus and holds it together.
Maintenance Crew
vs Cytoskeleton
The maintenance crew is in charge of all the upkeep on the field and makes the field look all nice just like how the cytoskeleton maintains the cell's shape and movement in the cell.
Dirt and Grass vs Cytoplasm
The dirt and grass on the field are what form the field and its groundsubstance just like how the cytoplasm forms a ground substance for the cell.
Foul lines vs Cell membrane
The foul lines enclose the diamond and only allows fair balls to be played just like how the cell membrane surrounds the cell and regulates the molecules that are allowed in and out of the cell.
Baseline vs Endoplasmic Reticulum
The baseline directs the runners to where they need to run after they hit just like how the ER directs transportation of ribosomes throughout the cell.
Catcher vs Mitochondria
The catcher is like the 'leader' of the team, she is out there inspireing other players and announces where the plays are and gets the team going just like how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and transfers energy.
Players vs Ribosome
The players process information that the coach gives them in order to win the game just like how the ribosomes process proteins that the cell needs in order to function.
Team vs Chloroplast
The teams out on the field are the ones playing and making the game happen just like how the Chloroplast creates photosynthesis and the energy to keep the cell working.
Infielders/Outfielders vs Cilia
The infielders and outfielders are what keep the game going and with out them there would be no game just like how the Cilia move the cell around to keep it alive.
Lights vs Plastid
The lights are out on the field with stored energy allowing the games to go on throughout the darkness just like how the plastids store food and pigment.
Fans vs Flagella
The fans are around the field cheering the team on and they can sense how the teams feel and are doing and they base their actions off of that just like how the flagella are whip like tails and sensory.
Umps vs Centriole
The umps make the calls of the game on who's side gets the call just like how the centriole help the cell when its time to divide.
Dugouts vs Vacuole
Dugouts store the players gear and water for them just like how the vacuole stores water and materials in the plant cell.
'Benchwarmers' vs Lysosome
Benchwarmers or the 2nd string are there to go in when the starter players get hurt or don't have enough energy just like how lysosomes are responsible for taking care of worn out proteins.

Coach vs Golgi Body
The coach is there to take care of his or her girls, the coach will pass down information to them and sorts them out out on field just like how the Golgi Body packages and sorts the proteins and lipids made in the endoplasmic reticulum.
Fences vs Cell wall
The fence surrounds the field and protects/maintains the structure of the diamond just like how the cell wall surrounds and protects the cell.
Scoreboard vs Chromosomes
The scoreboard is up passing down the game info to the spectators just like how the chromosomes pass genetic info to descendant.
Line-up vs Chromatin
The line-up helps the players know where they are playing and when they're up to bat just like how the chromatin controls the gene expression and DNA replication.
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