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Freshmen Health and Wellness Class

Kyle, Matt, Pramana, Johnny

Kyle Jo

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Freshmen Health and Wellness Class

Performance Enchancement Drugs By Kyle Jo, Pramana Sanusi, Matt Thomas, and Johnny Chan What are Steroids -uses male hormones (testosterone) to enhance muscle building and masculine characteristics
-a type of performance enhancing drug
-can be in tablets or liquid form, which can be injected

Purpose of it:

- to increase physical performance during athletic events
- to look more masculine and to be viewed more attractive in front of women How are they used?

•taken orally or injected
• athletes and other abusers take them typically in cycles of weeks or months, rather than continuously, in patterns called CYCLING
•Cycling -involves taking multiple doses of steroids over a specific period of time and stopping for a period, and starting again.
•To maximize the effectiveness while also minimizing negative effects called STACKING
Effects of Steroids-

-Serious health problems that are irreversable like...
-Uncontrollable mood-swings
-Impaired judgment

- develop chest hair
- breast's reduces in size
- get deeper voice
- grow facial hair
- get bigger adam’s apple

-lose hair
-form breasts
-get higher voice
- testicle's are decreased in size
- get lower sperm count
- turn bald
- increased risk for prostate cancer
Performance Enhancement Drugs What are Performance EnhancementDrugs? A Performance Enchancement Drug are... any substances taken to increase a particular skill-set. Most often the term is used in reference to steroid use by professional athletes. Other substances may also be taken to improve performance, including human growth hormones. Some types of Performance Enhancing Drugs are... Stimulants
Anabolic Steroids

A few Reasons why these drugs are taken: Individuals may take:
stimulants to increase alertness and decrease fatigue.
Painkillers to mask physical pain to continue performance.
Sedatives to decrase nervouse system activity to intensify focus.
Diuretics to expel water from one's body.
Thank You! ¯allergic reactions
- users develope masculine characteristics-
-deepened voice
-excess hair growth
- users grow...
-male breasts
-enlarged clitoris
-interruption of menstrual cycles.

-users that take diuretics suffer....
- kidney or liver disease
- muscle cramps
- labored breathing
-nausea and vomiting,
-irregular heartbeat and chest pain.

-users that take amphetamines suffer -
anxiety, euphoria, irritability, depression, nervousness and paranoia, insomnia, chest pain, hives, twitching and serious conditions such as hypertension and irregular heartbeat.
Dangers of Taking it Thank You Bibliography

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