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Geography Overnight Trip (7-8 August)

No description

Lodestar Fireball

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Geography Overnight Trip (7-8 August)

by Aldred Cheng
Declan Pan
Dylan Yap
Ryan Teo Geography Overnight Trip When: 7-8 August 2012
Where: Lau Pa Sat
Jurong Fishing Port
Pasir Panjang Vegetable Wholesale Center
McDonald's (West Coast Branch)
Time: 12 a.m.- 6a.m. Lau Pa Sat Jurong Fishing Port Pasir Panjng Wholesale Centre McDonald's West Coast Our second stop was Jurong Fishing Port. This is where all the fish comes in in the morning. Introduction video
Yay :D Our final visit was to McDonald's at West Coast Park. The time was around 4 a.m. At this time, it is obvious that the park would be "deserted". So we could have fun at the Flying Fox!!! Our next stop was Pasir Panjang Vegetable Wholesale Centre. We hope you have gained many insights from our PREZI and enjoyed it! :D Out First stop was Lau Pa Sat, which was
already covered by the other group NOW, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ! :D
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