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GO Financial 2016 Open Enrollment

No description

Kailey McNeill

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of GO Financial 2016 Open Enrollment

Road Map to Benefits!
Medical Plans
Elect Your 2016 Benefits
October 5th-October 16th
3 mi
*AgReserves and the harvest season*
Flexible Spending Amounts (FSA)
Dependent Care - $5,000 per couple
Medical and Dental - $2,550
October 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015
October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015
21st - All of Deseret Choice and other plans
22nd to 25th - Remaining plans

Important Information
Benefits are effective January 1-December 31, 2016
This is a PASSIVE enrollment. What happens if I do nothing?
If you do not take any action, you will continue to have
medical, dental, vision, life insurance(s) and disability at
your current coverage levels.

You MUST re-elect any Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) options. Your current elections DO NOT roll over to the new policy year.

All changes made during Open Enrollment become effective on January 1, 2016.

Employees who do not have our benefits, MUST confirm their elections in ADP (due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
{Liberty and Traditional}
The Liberty Plan
High deductible health plan that comes with an option to save tax-deferred in a Health Savings Account (HSA)
Lower per paycheck rate, but higher out-of-pocket costs each time you receive care
$1,300 Individual/ $2,600 Family
Individual deductible only applies if you have employee only coverage
GO is offering our match for those who open an HSA:
$250 individuals max, $500 family max
No Co-Pays:
You pay all expenses up front to the deductible amount
Prescriptions count towards the deductible
After you reach the deductible, you move to coinsurance (80/20 split) to Out-of-Pocket max
If you reach your out-of-pocket maximum ($2,500/$5,000) you have no further expenses for the year (including prescriptions)
GO Savings Match For The Liberty Plan
Savings Match
: Dollar for dollar based on employee contributions up to:
$250 for Individual/ $500 for employee + dependents
Your contributions will accumulate per pay period
Match Advance
100% of company match contributed in January
Convenient sign up; enroll and receive a debit card for your account
Managing Your Deductible
Use your match dollars to help
Contribute your pre-tax dollars into your savings account
How would a contribution of $250 feel per pay period?
$9.61/paycheck on a $250 contribution
I elect to contribute $250 to my Health Savings Account (HSA):
In January, GO will advance me $250 and put it into my account.
My contribution ($250) is added to my account per pay period ($9.61 per week)
On the first pay day, I would have $259.61 in my Health Savings Account
The Traditional Plan
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that comes with co-pays for office visits and prescription coverage
Higher per paycheck rate, but lower out-of-pocket costs each time you receive care

$750 Individual/$1,500 Family
Individual deductible applies even if you have employee+ coverage
$30 Primary / $50 Specialist
$75 Urgent Care
Emergency Room (co-pay/individual)
$250 + deductible + 80/20 coinsurance
Birth Control is 100% covered
With the Traditional Plan, there are two different Flexible Spending Accounts:
Dependent Care (for child care expenses)

The maximum in 2016 for the Healthcare FSA is $2,500
Each year, you must re-enroll in the FSA. While this Open Enrollment is passive, you still need to actively elect your FSA elections of they will not be effective on January 1, 2016.

Remember to plan accordingly as FSA elections are a "use it or lose it" benefit

Be prepared to provide receipts to Discovery Benefits (our FSA vendor) for any payments you make with your card that are not regular co-pay amounts.
You cannot participate in the Healthcare FSA if you decide to participate in the Liberty Plan.

However, you could still participate in the Dependent Care FSA.
Medical Plan Rates
* Part-Time employees have different rates, posted on the Benefits Website.
United Healthcare's Free Mobile App
Health4Me gives users access to an assortment of healthcare information anytime, anywhere.
With Health4Me consumers are able to:
Search for Providers
Status of a claim, prescription refills, deductibles/
out-of-pocket spending
Healthcare Cost Estimator
View and print medical ID cards
Teladoc® is a national network of U.S. board-certified doctors available on-demand
to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication, if necessary for many of your medical issues. It's quality care when you need it at
no cost
to employees and family members with GO medical coverage.
Coordinate this fasting blood test for cholesterol and HbA1c (for glucose) with your doctor.
They can send you to an in-network lab, such as LabCorp

Make an appointment with your doctor and bring the Wellness Form with you for them to complete and fax to TrestleTree.
Earn Points to Save $
GO's Wellness Program is designed to help employees, including spouses (if enrolled), identify health risk factors before they become serious health problems. To get started, you and your spouse (if enrolled) complete steps to earn points. Your discount is based on how many points you earn.
Start with the following steps to earn your first 1,500 points!
Non-Tobacco User Wellness Form 500
Biometric Testing Onsites/Doctor's Office/Lab 500
Annual Physical Doctor's Office 500
Steps Where to Complete Points
Wellness Tiers
There are 3 Tiers in the Wellness Program
You will receive the Wellness GOLD discount for the first 60 days of your coverage
Your ongoing rate discount will be determined by how many wellness points you earn within 60 days of your coverage start date
Move up to the next tier once you earn enough points
Wellness Exemptions- Who qualifies?
Any employee or spouse who:
Has a medical reason for not being able to meet one or more of the Wellness requirements
Is working with his or her doctor to manage the condition
His or her doctor doesn't consider the result a health risk for them
The doctor can mark the exempt box on the Wellness form and they will pass that requirement
Low vs. High Plan
High Plan has a higher rate to give you the same coverage levels (amount the plan pays) for an out-of-network dentist.
If you are planning to use an in-network dentist, you can save money by electing the Low Plan.*
No Change in Rates!
Full/Part Time Rates- No Change
Electing Disability or Life Insurance during Open Enrollment will require you to complete Evidence of Insurability
Life and Disability
Rates for this election will vary, as it is based on pay.
GO matches 40 cents on the dollar up to the first 6%
You may participate in our 401K Plan at any point in time after your 61st day of employment.

Enroll online at www.401k.com or by phone with Fidelity.

For more information see the Benefits website at:

Dependent Audit and Social Security Number
Adding Dependents during Open Enrollment?
We require documentation for all newly added dependents to our medical, dental, and/or vision plans.
Employees who elect to cover newly added dependents during Open Enrollment will have until
December 1, 2015
to provide the necessary documentation.
New hires will have until benefits are effective to submit their documentation.
The Affordable Care Act requires all dependents who have medical coverage to have a SSN on file with any medical plan option.
If you are planning to add dependents during Open Enrollment, please enter their SSN when adding them in ADP Self Service
For any dependents without a SSN, please contact the Benefits Department as soon as possible.

Log into ADP Self Service (portal.adp.com) between October 5th and October 16th (closes at 5pm Arizona time.)

ADP Self Service is accessible from work or home. If you have trouble logging into ADP Self Service, please view

The instructions are posted on the Benefits Website: www.drivetimebenefits.com.

Step 1:
Log in by clicking on "User Login." If your name is Joseph Smith your login username should look like this: Jsmith@DriveTimeP
If you do not know your password, click on the last red bullet labeled "Forgot your password."

Step 2:
After you log in, you will land on the ADP Home Page. As displayed below, click on the "Benefits" from the menu bar and a drop-down will appear. Click on "Health & Welfare" to access your benefits information.
Step 3:
Now you will start the enrollment process by clicking on "Myself" from the top menu bar. Then select "Enrollments."
Step 4:
Add/Update your dependents' information by clicking on "manage dependents."

Step 5:
Click on each link you wish to enroll in.

Step 6:

Make sure to click on "Confirm Elections" after you finish reviewing all of your

If you do not click on "Confirm Elections" your updates will
be effective

This is a passive enrollment. This means if you do not wish to change your benefit elections, your benefits will be the same for 2016 (with the exception of Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts; such accounts must be re-elected every year.)

Employees who do not have our benefits, MUST confirm their elections in ADP (due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

You will see your current Wellness rate when you review and/or enroll for medical benefits, however, your rate may change depending on the tier you are eligible for in 2016. Be sure to check your first 2016 pay stub in January.

Instructions on how to enroll and confirm are posted on the Benefits Website: www.drivetimebenefits.com

Look on the Benefits DASH page for a report of all employees (by employee ID#) who confirmed Open Enrollment elections.

Open Enrollment ends October 16th at 5pm PT.
How do I enroll?
Email us at benefits@drivetime.com
Visit us at www.drivetimebenefits.com
The Owner's Manual is your guide to your benefits
Tobacco Free
Beginning on January 1, 2011, GO became a tobacco free campus.

This includes any and all tobacco related products

Only customers are permitted to use any tobacco related products at any GO and DriveTime facility/property

Anyone who needs to update their tobacco status for not complying will need to contact the Benefits Department
*GA/TX/MS participants have higher coverage levels on the High Plan for both in and out-of-network dentists. (This is due to state laws requiring in and out-of-network coverage to be the same.)
We have not increased the top Wellness rates for 9 YEARS!

The average company has increased employee medical rates 6.5% per year over the last 9 years.
This means that while other companies have increased employee contributions by an average of 88% over the last 9 years, GO has not increased our top Wellness rates at all!
(Kaiser Family Foundation)
New and exciting ways to earn points towards your Wellness Tier!
Redeem your earned points for an Amazon Gift Card and be entered into drawings for great prizes!

(These point values are examples!)
40+ Apps/Devices that will successfully sync with your profile
Easily accessible from your smartphone/tablet
What is New for 2016?
To be eligible for a discount on
your medical rates in 2016:
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