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Apartheid in South Africa

No description

Hir@l Patel

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Apartheid in South Africa

What occurred during
the Apartheid Of South Africa? The Apartheid in Africa began initially when the National Party-that was made up of all white people- of Africa gained power over South Africa in 1948. Blacks were separated in society: living areas,public areas, banned mixed marriages/relationships. Apartheid was a very controversial event that had various interpretations. Although the policies of Apartheid may have seemed wrong to most, not every party thought of it that way. It is obvious that the National Party, (the party who established the policies of Apartheid) had an ethnocentric view when regarding the black Africans
In their eyes, black Africans were simply slave labor and were not worthy to be in the presence of whites The Point of View of Nelson Mandela & President F.W. de Klerk These two men were believed in the policies included in the Freedom Charter and the Congress of the People. That "South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black or white."
That non-violence is the greatest method to achieve goals and restore their rights peacefully The Apartheid Of South Africa What is An Apartheid? By Hiral Patel & Komal Aheer A system of segregation that separates
people by race The people that were living in South Africa before the colonization were the Africans (were classified as "blacks"). The beginning of apartheid began when the National party got into power in 1948. Apartheid lasted a period of 46 years and finally ended in 1994. When Was Apartheid? 17th century: South Africa colonized by the English and Dutch 1948: National Party introduces Apartheid 1950: Population Registration Act- South Africans must be racially classified into 1 of the 3 ( white, black or colored-mixed decent). All blacks were required to carry "pass books" containing fingerprints and information on access to non-black areas. 1951:The Bantu Authorities Act: Reserves known as "homelands" were independent states assigned to people by the government according to origin. 1953- Public Safety Act & the Criminal Law Amendment Act: allowed the government to declare strict states of emergency and increased penalties for going against or supporting repeal of a law. The Point of View of Donald Woods Legacies of Apartheid Economic Issues Emotional & Social Tension Health Issues Apartheid lasted nearly 40 years, meaning black Africans have missed almost 40 years of their life!

Due to the occurrence of Apartheid, various Africans have had to face issues involving three main categories: Emotional
& Social Tension Health
Issues Economic
Issues Memories of Apartheid including violence, deaths and bad treatment
Deaths of loved once who could never be replaced
Social tension created between black & white Africans still existing today The lack of care shown by the previous government has sparked issues such as lack of food, clean water, sewage disposal, sanitation as well as disease spread Nearly 80% of Africans were left at a disadvantage Having little to no education - for some, having missed over 40 years of it!
Also, not having enough schools or teachers
Most Africans left unemployed because of Apartheid Government Recommendations Give Back Land Lost by the Black Africans The National Party created apartheid so they can take over the economic and social system. The goal initially was to maintain white domination while expanding racial separation. Who Was Involved in the Apartheid of South Africa? Give Money to Those Affected Negatively by Apartheid 1914: National Party founded Build Programs Timeline Donald Woods was a Supporter of Anti-Apartheid Black Consciousness Movement
After the brutal murder of his friend,Steve Biko, Donald Woods dedicated majority of his life to seek what was considered "vengeance." The Point of View of the Afrikaner National Party Perspectives Regarding Apartheid 1913: Land Act: Prevented blacks from buying land outside of reserves. 1964: Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment. 1976: More than 600 people killed in dispute between black protesters and security forces. 1989: Fw de Klerk becomes president. 1990:Nelson Mandela released after 27 years of imprisonment. 1994:Mandela becomes president.
Apartheid comes to an end because of international involvement. A Closer Look "White" Africans South Africa was colonized by the English and the Dutch in the 17th century. The Dutch were also known as the Boers or Afrikaners. "Black" Africans Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela was a victim of Apartheid having spent 27 years in prison due to his campaign against Apartheid. The Afrikaner National Party The National Party was the party that was in power at during the duration of Apartheid. They created the policies of Apartheid. President F.W. de Klerk President de Klerk set Nelson Mandela free from prison and worked along side him to restore peace in South Africa. Although there were many that were involved in the South African Apartheid, the key figures involved include the following: Why Colonize in South Africa? Why Create Apartheid? Why? The reason for colonization could have been because South African mines were world leaders in production of diamond, gold and platinum. Thank you !
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