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Madison Kelly

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of hhbfn

By:Madison Kelly
Age of Imperialism
They were some good things about Imperialism 1. Is they have better hospitals. 2. Better Schools. 3.Better food system
Rudyard Kipling-That democratic nations had a duty to spend their government,culture and, religion to other parts of the world
There were a lot of wars with Russia & Japan also the Zulu War of 1898 Jane Addams felt that American Imperialism violated sovereignty.So there were a lot a schools and hospitals they were going to get destroyed with all of the wars that were going on and they on would teach European language
There was a lot a Racism and a of people not liking imperialism the Chinese hated foreign interference
It is not very different from know and they still have rebellion and they stil have
Racism and then it is not as hard to get power like is was back then.We feel that we still use imperialism and that it is better then back then

The late 1800's saw a new age of global expansion expansion by the world's most powerful nations.It was fueled by two forces; nationalism and industrialism
Cause of Imperialism
The Sepoy believed the British officers look down on them.They also felt as if they were fighting against there people.Some sepoys believe the British wanted to force them to accept Christianity.Plus the Hindu and the Muslism joined together in a rebellion, hoping the end of British rule

•Major events and conflicts: (In European Imperialism include the Sepoy and Boxer Rebellions. US Expansionism include War of 1898 or Spanish American War, )

More Photos
Differing Views of Imperialism (Exploitation, Stereotyping, Racism, Darwinism)
Conclude with this question: In what ways do we still feel the impact of Imperialism in our global society today?

Effects or Outcome of Imperialism Positive

Effects or Outcome of Imperialism Negative
Age of Imperialism Project
"How Scoop.it Works." Scoop.it. Ed. Andrew. Andrew, 11 Nov. 2012. Web. 10 Feb. 2014
Include five pictures and or maps
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