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Calgary Tower

No description

Tyler Meck

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower
By: Ty
Who Built the Calgary Tower?

There were multiple people that built the Calgary Tower. I will just tell you about the Designer and the general builder. The designer was W.G Milne and A. Dale Associations. The General Builder was Poole Construction Co.
What Type of Structure is the Calgary Tower?

The Calgary tower is a frame and mass building, also known as a combination. The frame is the observation area and the Sky 360 restaurant. This is a frame structure because it is a hollow area where people can go anywhere. The mass structure part of the tower is the base under ground and the concrete middle part. This is mass because it is has a lot of concrete and hardly any area inside.
What Materials Were Used in The Structures Construction?

The two main materials that were used in the construction of the Calgary Tower are concrete and steel. There are lots of other materials that were used to build the Calgary Tower but concrete and steel are the two main materials.
What is the Calgary Towers Function?

The Calgary Tower is a free standing 191 meter tall observation tower in the heart of Calgary. The Tower also has a restaurant above the observation area. Part of the dining area spins around the building slowly. The restaurant is called Sky 360.
What features of the structure are designed to enhance the appearance of the building?

The Calgary Tower has a natural gas cauldron on the top of the building that is lit for special events. The building also has a nice red top observation area and restaurant area. The lobby is all glass and it looks really good.
Does the structure have any safety features?

Yes, the features are that the whole observation area and dinning area are enclosed, so people can't go outside. The building is also built to withstand earthquakes and winds up to 161 Km/h.
What was the cost of building the structure?

The cost of the building was $3.5 million in 1968. That equals $24,478,645.46 today.
Other interesting facts.

The Calgary Tower has two elevator that can get you to the top in 62 seconds. The Calgary Tower was called the Husky Tower. The owner of the Calgary Tower today is King Street Capital Partner! The Calgary Tower also has 802 stairs to climb, but are not open to public.
Thanks For Watching!!
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