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Anne Kim

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Deforestation

Deforestation By: Anne, Ioana, and Emilie Current and Predicted Extent of Deforestation Global Effects for Deforestation Global Impact of Deforestation More Global Negative Effects Continued Extent of Deforestation Future and Current Effects of Deforestation Currently . . . Definition of Deforestation History of Deforestation Causes of Deforestation What is deforestation? Deforestation is the outcome of natural and
mostly, anthropogenic effects. Originated around the 1700s when immigrants came from Europe. - Canadian deforestation counts for 0.4% of the global rate.
-1990, rate was 64000 ha/yr, emitted 27.5 million tons of carbon dioxide
-2010, rate was 45000 ha/yr, emitted 15.7 million tons of carbon dioxide Higher risk of flooding for cities near river banks since forests prevent flooding. Less oxygen produced since
no more photosynthesis and
everyone will suffer Forests are one of the main sources of carbon sinks:
- traps and stores the carbon dioxide
- releasing oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. -No more crops (dried up) which means that developing countries will have food shortages and developed countries will have rising prices for food Solutions for Deforestation Agricultural purposes Oil extraction Logging Dam building (homes and habitats) Wildfires Before settlers . . . Only 38% has trees The biggest increase in the use of
trees came around 1750, due to the
Industrial Revolution. Cut down trees for shelter and heating 90% of Southern Ontario
was covered in trees Now . . . Vs Tropics and rain forests Removing per year:
-2% of South American forests
-0.8% of African forests
-2% of Asian forests Globally, 12-15 million ha are deforested/year! 1 hectare = 10 000 m2 1 million ha of forests
harvested per year Canada Causes 15%
of the total greenhouse
gas emissions -30% of primates are extinct in West Africa
-Habitat loss for many species, contributes
to mass extinctions today
-Extinction rate may become
1,000-10,000 times normal of 1-10 species/year. Over 50% of forests have been cut Deforestation
will increase CO2 concentrations by 29-129 ppm Soil will become dry and arid, no trees to prevent erosion. Loss of habitats, food sources for creatures on the bottom of the food chain - affect everyone if they will not adapt. The not so promising future . . . Release carbon when they
are cut and burned Less carbon sinks and more
carbon in the atmosphere Causes positive feedback
loop; increased global
warming, more wildfires,
less sinks
(more emissions) (i.e aridity or desertification) Increases in the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Severe climate changes all over the world Global Warming Easy We NEED a more renewable system... For The price of paper should be elevated! $$$ Why?... We abuse it Recycle . . . Recreate ! Used paper products should become new paper products Existing example: Ikea sends all its used cardboard packaging to a place where it is recreated into toilet paper that gets sent back to them to use. Basic reports should always have to be submitted online. Online! the amount of human caused deforestation, NOTICE! we can SLOW DOWN global warming. By doing so, we can prevent more wildfires and severe storms, thereby
conserving even more forests on the planet. By What is the problem with that? Environmental fallout. Removal or the elimination of trees and forests for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes. Various consequences that
will affect everyone and everything. i.e Constant development
and increase in the global warming . . . That is = 36 football fields/minute! The world’s rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years . . . Now we
see them . . . But soon we
won't . . . Save trees . . . save life No more clear-cutting Selective cutting is the
method we need to use -Industries such as wood or paper companies will decline and ultimately, fail Why? . . . + CLIMATE CHANGE = The Lorax The easiest way of all . . . To Inform Everyone The more people know of the severity of the problem, the more of a chance we can all work together and make a change.
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