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Strategic Management

No description

Zaharatul Munir

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Management

Syeda Nawrin Huq ID#B1001009
Sumaiya Afreen ID#B1001014
Nazifa Nushrat ID#B1001038
Anika Tasmia Shawki ID#B1001048
Zaharatul Munir Sarah ID#B1001049

Group 03
Telecom Industry of Bangladesh
The reason behind choosing this sector.
Presenting Porter's Five Forces in telecom industry of Bangladesh.
Finding out the strategic groups.
Briefing about the market leader.
Competitive analysis from market leaders aspect.
Secondary Sources
Company websites
Research reports etc.
Informal conversation with company personnel
Very prominent industry
Highly competitive
6 companies
Distinct position of the companies
Overall a very good example to explain porter’s five forces
Why telecom sector?
A quick view of the Telecom sector
1. Grameenphone – Joint venture ownership 62%Telenor and 38%Grameen Telecom .
2. Banglalink – Joint venture with Orascom Telecom Co. originated from Egypt.
3. Robi – Joint venture between Telecom Malaysia Berhad TM and A. K. Khan& company limited
4. Airtel – An investment of Bharti Airtel.
5. TeleTalk – Public limited company but 100% share have been owned by the government of Bangladesh.
6. Citycell – Joint venture with SingTel Asia pacific investment Pvt. limited.
A quick view of the Telecom Sector...
Porter's Five Forces
Entering the market: Challenging & High Risk.
Potential Company: GrameenPhone
Porter’s Five Forces...
Interpretation of industry analysis from Porter’s Five Forces Model
Continuous growth trend
Heavy consumer demand
Types of telecom operator-
Operator in fixed line
Operator in cellular mobile
Strategic Groups
Strategic Groups…
Bangladesh Mobile Operator’s Market share (BTRC 2010)
Strategic Groups...
Started operations on March 26, 1997
Global system of mobile communication)-based cellular operator
Owned by Telenor (62%) and Grameen Telecom (38%)
The largest mobile phone company in Bangladesh with 23.04 million customers (2008)
It had about 5200 BTS (Base Tower Stations) around the country(2008) and now has more.
About Grameen Phone
Market Leader
Being aware of the market challengers.
Competitive advantage of network availability.
Appeal to attract youth segment of Robi, Airtel & Banglalink.
Focusing on cost effective offerings to consumers to beat Robi, Banglalink & Airtel.
Special offers to reduce churn rate and attract new subscribers.
Have to strongly establish the new theme comparing Robi’s “Deshpremik” & Banglalink’s “ din bodoler chestai” theme.
Presenting the corporate personality more effectively.
Competitors analysis
Implications of Strategic Groups for Grameenphone
- The market challenger for GP, needs to remain aware about its upcoming offers and policies

- The second market challenger is rightnow doing some brilliant emotional appeal to its existing and potential subscribers. GP needs to start preparing itself to drive the change

- This market follower is still lacking significantly in network availability criteria. But should definitely try to attract the young subscribers of Airtel through its new offerings.

- Grameenphone should try to launch its 3G facilities quickly to gain the 3G subscribers of Teletalk and hold the market leader’s position with more certainity.
So finally What We Came To Find Out From This Study??!!
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